Fergusson Bsc Notes

“ F.Y.BSc ” Notes | Fergusson College Pune | Physics

One of my friend, Vijay Lamkane, S.Y.B.Sc Topper of Fergusson College, has requested me to upload these files. So, here I (Vishal Palve) have uploaded some handwritten notes. It will definitely be helpful for many students.

For those who have backlogs, please follow this;

  1. Read the syllabus and take proper class notes and reference book
  2. Find all past question papers and analyze those questions papers
  3. Start studying, watch video lectures on YouTube, take help from your seniors/classmates and most importantly, don’t take stress!

  1. Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Mechanics: Along with these notes, you can also refer Nirali Publication, D S Mathur for reference.

  • F.Y.B.Sc Semester – 2

For Semester-2 (PHY1202) there are 2 papers;

1) Mathematical physics

Nirali Publication’s book is sufficient for this subject for exams but if you want to do higher studies then please do study from reference books as well.

2) Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Electricity and Magnetism (Password: vishal123)
(If this file asks you for any kind of password, use vishal123)

Some of my 12th class notes for reference (Electricity and Magnetism)

I have used these and these might as well be helpful for you!

Refer to these short notes, too. These have helped me and my friends a lot.

If you also wish to contribute or want to share your free notes/video lectures for students then send your details at contact@vargshikshak.com. We will publish it on our website along with due credits to their owner.

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⭕ Science;

🔭Physics 👨‍🔬Chemistry
📐Mathematics 💡Electronics
🧫Biology 👨‍🏫Science Page

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