Fergusson Bsc Notes

S.Y.BSc – Statistics| Fergusson College

These notes are helpful for those students who have backlog in Semester III for Statistics and for upcoming batch of Statistics.

The thing is that these notes will not cover everything (like problems) but will surely help you to achieve good marks. I know that knowledge is always more important than marks, but marks are also important for some reasons such as scholarships which help us continue our education and learning. So, make good use of these notes.

Syllabus of S.Y.B.Sc Fergusson College (Autonomous), Pune

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  • To clear your backlog ::

1) Read the syllabus

2) Solve last year’s question papers

3) Prepare your own notes

4) Enjoy what you learn

Some notes on the topic like “sequence and series ” will help you a lot! Click below to download the notes:

(If you find any mistake in the notes, tell me in comments section so that it will be helpful for other students as well.)

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Note: I have not started these things for money. Many people don’t know me how much I get after doing this. I am doing these things like Vargshikshak, VPf Creations and also working on an upcoming project X-tra since last 8-9 months. I am not earning any money for it. The purpose of this is entirely non-profit. As to what I get from it, the answer is satisfaction. Because, “Sharing of knowledge is the real key to happiness.”

If you also wish to contribute or want to share your free notes/video lectures for students then send your details at contact@vargshikshak.com. We will publish it on our website along with due credits to their owner.

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