Journey of Vargshikshak

1 Year complete journey of Vargshikshak

Even today I remember that perfect day when I uploaded my first video on YouTube on Vargshikshak and my words were,

“Happy National Technology Day (11/05/2018) to my Indian brothers and sisters. This is my first video on YouTube, so, for any kind of mistakes forgive me and share this video to my every Indian brother and sister. Because we share prank any other videos now let’s see who share this educational videos.”

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It starts from deciding the name for the website. First time, I decided to use Vp square but it was taken by some other YouTuber so my almost 10 days work was went in trash. But after this, I used ‘Varg’ because, in Marathi, ‘varg’ means square. Then I made an email address for this but again because of some reasons and some policies of Gmail I changed it and after two days, I decided to give the name “VARGSHIKSHAK” meaning school (Class) teacher. Then I designed a logo for Vargshikshak. I uploaded my 1st video but I removed it from YouTube in just 10 minutes because of low quality of my phone and voice. BUT EVERY THING GAVE ME NUMEROUS LESSONS.

Yes, many people appreciate me for my work, some people find my mistakes and I am really thankful to you guys!

It was quite difficult to handle my academics, which was extremely important for my scholarship.

I just want to say sorry to all those 12th class students who were waiting for my next 2.x series videos which I couldn’t complete. I had been depressed at that time, plus, no one was there to help me in with this project.

I don’t know how much you know about blogging and video making but let me tell you that it seems easy but actually is not. Just for making the Vargsikshak website, it took me 6-7 days of continuous work. Also, when I uploaded my first video of derivatives, it took almost 28 hours of work to get the whole of it ready and then another 2 hours for uploading finishing the remaining tasks.

So, on an average, it was taking 20-25 hours of continuous work for a 10-minute video.

I was very passionate about my work and I am trying to do my best in other ways, too. I decided to take live lectures of those students who don’t have any coaching or classes for 12th science. I shared this idea with my Professor but I received an unexpected response. The student for whom I was thinking of doing this was also not interested in attending my lectures. Actully these people were not interested in science and some of them decided to go for coaching. So, it felt like I was wasting my time which is really precious.

As of now, I am a Bachelors student (2020). Some people tell me that I am not a professional; that I don’t have a degree for doing this. For them, I just smile and say – Ok, thanks for your advice, Sir, but no one was interested to work for others for zero profit.

In the end, I just want to say thank you to Rushikesh Palve because whenever I need your phone, you always give it to me without asking a single question. Thanks for your laptop! 😃 I remember I used to keep your phone with me for 2-3 days. You would only say “Don’t take any calls. Just do your work and upload your notes.” I will never forget your kind help and also, don’t forget, you lost almost 20GB of my video data but it’s totally okay!

Why am I doing this?
“Sharing of knowledge is the real key to happiness.”

– Vishal P. S. Palve

Flashback journey!!!

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