11th & 12th Science, Fergusson Bsc Notes

Electronics ( इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स )

A small invention in electronics can transform the world in one era -Vargshikshak

Importance of electronics

Click on photo above to read “Top 10 reasons why you should learn electronics”

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For Electronics, use my notes which cover some of the chapters of 12th standard.

Few handwritten and short notes of 12th standard Electronics for Maharashtra State Board

For more, refer your college notes and Electronics textbook by P. K. Patil published by Phadke Prakashan.

If you also wish to contribute or want to share your free notes/video lectures for students then send your details at contact@vargshikshak.com. We will publish it on our website along with due credits to their owner.

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