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Special blog for 11th and 12th Science students

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In this blog, I am going to tell you something about 11th and 12th standard Science. I have also added some links of Vargshikshak Handwritten Notes. I hope it will be helpful for you. I request you all to read this blog very carefully so you all will understand how to use these notes very effectively. You will come to know about some good YouTube channels for 11th and 12th standard students, too.

Hey friends, How are you? Many of you completed your 10th standard so heartiest congratulations to all. Let us pat our back for all that we have learned so far! The upcoming years, too, shall be for us to learn, irrespective of what percentage we scored this time.

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Why doesn’t everyone get 90+ percentage in 10th?

Every student is an individual with their interests, skills, abilities lying in different fields. There are a thousand subjects which do not get evaluated in board exams. Because our marksheets consist of just a bunch of subjects which we are taught in school, we have to realize that it evaluates us for only those subjects. But what about all the other aspects of our personalities? Some people are born for science while some people do really good things in there life in other fields like sports, dance, singing, army, and the list goes on and on. The marksheets are highly inadequate to judge your success or life. So…
“Don’t worry about your marks… they will only decide your college, not your life.”

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The bitter truth of our education system is that we need good marks to get into a good college. I know that many people are not good in studies but everyone has something or the other that they are good, something they are passionate about. You should always do those things but at the same time, don’t forget to study because the knowledge you will gain from it will never go waste. Study the things you love to; just don’t forget to learn something new.

We all know great success stories about people who dropped out of school and followed their passion, but we tend to overlook the immense amount of dedicated time they gave to learn the things they are passionate about. Be passionate about learning and be curious to learn something new.


  • How to learn Science in 11th and 12th standard?
  • Notes for reference
  • Some helpful books
  • Some helpful YouTube channels, playlists and videos
  • Do’s and don’ts!

Many students take admissions into science stream in 11th standard just because of getting good marks in 10th. College is exciting but, it is not only about the enjoyment. The more you make it about learning along with the fun, the better results it will yield. A common mistake we tend to make is thinking that we can study directly in 12th without studying for 11th. Please avoid it. Do study well in 11th standard so that you will understand every concept of 12th standard.

Coaching institutes/classes:

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Many people are not able pay the fees for private classes and end up being upset that they won’t be able to follow their dreams such as clearing competitive exams and getting into engineering or medical colleges. Dear students, please don’t think that your success depends upon the classes or that only going to tuitions can change your life. It is about how much efforts you put in your studies and we have ample examples in our society, of people who became great engineers and doctors without external coaching. So, take you daily dose of motivation from these people who did not allow obstacles to keep them from achieving their dreams. Here are some examples for you-

1) These 5 Underprivileged Kids Beat Poverty and cleared IIT exam (JEE)

2) Son of a Labourer who clear NEET

Let’s talk about the world of social media!

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Social media is distracting, even if we deny it.

People design smartphones, computers to save our time but right now these are the things which waste our most of the time due to their unchecked use!

So, if you wants to make some use of technology then use it only for doing things which bring something productive and positive to you. It is not a great way of passing your time because it is addictive. It becomes really difficult for you to come out from this illusion.

Bill gates and Steve Jobs (owner of Microsoft and Apple) never allowed their children to use the smartphone before they turned 14. But we see many kids of as young an age as 10 years, students getting addicted to smartphones.

1) The reason Bill Gates didn’t let his children use smartphone until they turned 14

2) Why Steve Jobs never allowed his children to use an iPad until they turned 14

3) Steve Jobs never wanted us to use our iPhones like this

Also, now-a-days, many people are addicted to YouTube. I never say that YouTube is totally bad but the algorithm is such that it pulls you into it. There are smarter ways to use technology for our benefit without wasting our time. Try finding those. For example, you can look out for what these platforms have to offer you in the fields you are really interested in.

This video might help you

Here is some content that will always motivate you to do something great for our nation and for humanity:

Click on the above picture to watch.

Overcoming challenges

This is also an age where we develop feelings for others. While it is very natural to feel so, we also have to remember that those are just one of the parts of our lives. We have to consciously decide where we want to focus. A heartbreak, be it among friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, is a part and parcel of your life but it is not your whole life.

Similarly, not getting something that you wished for, not getting admission in the college you wished for are forms of rejection. These too, are a part of our life, but our life does not depend solely on them. It is filled with a thousand other things that are going well. We tend to pin point and curse that what is not going right, but forget to appreciate what all can go right.

We hear of suicides, but do we ever try to understand why those happen or how those can be prevented? Think about it.

We all have someone or the other around us who is our best friend, to whom we can share what we feel; it might even be your parents, grandparents or your teacher. Share what you feel with them. Be that person for someone. Always value everything that people around you have given you and remember to thank them once in a while! 

Life is like a sine wave my friend, there are ups and downs

But with every curve, we can find a way out or a way around!

So, strive to do something good in your life without any expectations. Good deeds can only make your life more beautiful and this world a better place to live. Good in not equivalent only to things like a particular profession or a particular stream. It is everything that leaves this world a beautiful place to live when you have left it. 

Here are some videos/news that you can watch with your own discretion and think about what direction you want your life to go in.  


Wish you all the best for your future!

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