11th & 12th Science, Fergusson Bsc Notes

Physics (भौतिकशास्त्र)

Click here to know Why should we learn Physics?

For physics firstly you must reffer the 1) State board books or NCERT because its good to understand every concepts !!

secondly you can refer 2) HC verma

HC Verma Textbook

1) HC Verma Textbook

2) HC Verma Solutions

Physics problem book by N. M. mistry (Uttam Publication)

Also, I recommend State Board students to buy the Uttam Prakashan’s ‘Examples in Physics’ by N. M. Mistry for problem solving. This is one of the best books for practice and is available for both 11th and 12th class.

Handwritten Notes

These notes will give you an idea about physics and also will guide you in making effective notes for exam. If you want to understand how to use these notes in an effective manner then watch this video playlist by Vargshikshak.


  • For 11th standard physics

Class 11 – Summary Notes

  • For 12th standard physics

Follow the same pattern;

State Board/NCERT textbook –> H. C. Verma –> Vargshikshak Handwritten Notes

Dear student, as mentioned above, handwritten notes will give you the idea about how to make notes and the short notes will help you prepare for short notes’ questions.

Here are some handwritten notes for 12th (HSC):

1) Summary notes of physics 12th standard

2) Short Notes of physics of 12th standard

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Students who used our notes

YouTube channel useful for physics:

  1. Pradeep Sir’s Physics

Useful playlists for physics

  • For 11th standard
  1. Click here
  2. Click here

Also watch “EduPoint” on YouTube. Here, you get many higher educational videos on science. Watch them for more knowledge.

Exam Fear video series for Physics

  1. Class 11 Physics Video Lessons
  2. Class 12 Physics Video Lessons

If you also wish to contribute or want to share your free notes/video lectures for students then send your details at contact@vargshikshak.com. We will publish it on our website along with due credits to their owner.

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7 thoughts on “Physics (भौतिकशास्त्र)”

  1. This notes are very use full for HSC board exam as well as for entrance exam like Jee and NEET ….. #Thanku_Vargshikshak


  2. Physics was my favorite subject back in 1990’s when I appeared for XII exams . Now when I am teaching same subject to my kids – I really miss textbooks which were explaining concepts in simple language. There was a book – Concepts of physics by Uttam Prakashan ( N M Mistry) .It was such a wonderful book .Unfortunately publishers stopped publishing this book. Please add few of such jewels in list
    A) For Examples – A J Bapat , P . S. BANGUI ( Sheth ) – Still published after 25+ years
    B) For theory – 1) N M Mistry 2) S Y Gambhir – Both discontinued
    For Junior classes less that XI std – Perrelman book will be real fun ( book title – Physics can be fun)

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