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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn Physics

poster is an informative and eye-catching poster explaining how students will benefit from taking physics. “Why Physics” uses humor to draw in the viewer while slipping in plenty of serious reasons to take a physics class.

The “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Physics”

10. You Can Get Out of a Black Hole

This is actually a joke; there is no way to get out of a black hole (that’s why they’re black!) But the APS outreach website Physics Central has an article about this fascinating subject. [More info.]

9. Physics Teaches You to Think

Many people who have studied physics report it helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.[More info.]

8. Physics Explains

Learn why the sky is blue

•] Blue Sky

•] Why the world goes round (you might have heard it was love, but Newton knew the real answer)

•] global warming will have the Alaskans trading in their snow boots for flip-flops

HyperPhysics: Greenhouse Effect [More info.]

7. Physics Helps with the MCAT and LSAT

Data from the American Institute of Physics show that physics majors get among the highest MCAT scores and the highest LSAT scores of all undergraduate majors.

American Institute of Physics: MCAT, LSAT and Physics Bachelor’s [More info.]

6. Physics Gets You a Job

To learn more about those recession-proof jobs, check out these profiles of physicists working in a wide variety of careers:

•] APS Careers: Physicist Profiles

•] PhysicsCentral: People in Physics

•] Physics Career Resource: Physicist Profiles

5. Physics Puts Your Math to Use

Mathematics provide the tools physicists use to understand the world we live in. Nobel Prize winner Eugene Wigner explored this theme in a famous essay:

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences [More info.]

4. Physicists Can Be Engineers

Almost a third of all physics bachelor’s recipients who go into the private sector take engineering jobs.

3. Physics is Versatile

Pictured are four physicists explore the near and far mysteries of the universe:

•] Keivan Stassun explores the mysteries of the universe. [More info.]

•]Marta Dark-McNeese uses lasers to develop new medical techniques.

Profile of Marta Dark-McNeese [More info.]

•] Kate McAlpine became an international rap sensation with the Large Hadron Rap. Profile of Kate McAlpine [More info.]

•] Watch the Large Hadron Rap

•] Kenneth Jensen solves the world’s energy problems for Makani Power.

Profile of Kenneth Jensen[More info.]

2. Physics Makes Things Possible

Without physics there would be no:Grocery, laser, scanners, Space rockets, Light bulbs, Digital cameras, Cars, Cell phones, Airplanes, Solar panels, Fiber optics, DVD players, Computers, MP3 players, Flatscreen TVs

Getting the picture? To learn more about the physics behind these technologies, search for them at Discovery Communications’ online resource, How Stuff Works.

1. Physics Will Help You Get into College, Get a Job, and Find Love, Physics makes you more attractive to university recruiters, future employers, and that cutie you have your eye on.

Watch this video Playlist on Importantace of Physics:

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