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Share Our Message | Let’s Record | An initiative for Our Blind Student

Hello Guys , So we have prepared a message which can be sent to different schools, NGOs, institutions working for blind students also we have added messege for News Reporter or for Social Media Influencer. Please Click here and Download this Pdf File or share this Webpage Link and Send message or email it to such organizations in your contact, if any. You can also send it to anyone who you think is in contact with the organizations.

Let’s see what team work can do 💫🤝

From Team Let’s Record ,

All our Respected Doctors, all Medical Family and other Forces are fighting against corona!
Yes ! It’s a difficult task for them and also a difficult task for many people to stay home! And yet that’s the best for everyone to come out of this situation.

It’s important for all of us to get counted in 2021 Census 😁✔️

Staying home for so long can be psychologically exhausting but how about making it engaging??
Can we record a book while reading it ??


So, if you’re thinking of doing something for others while in Lockdown ;

Then ,
Firstly ,
1) Don’t go outside !🏚️

2)Be a voice of Blind to hear 🎙️🔊!

In India more than 5 Million people are visually impaired 😔 It means they can’t read.

ẞut , I think if you can, then they will ! Here’s to something you can !!!! 👇🏻

⭕Record a book for them. 📚📲

You all are at home and you have all the time in the world ⏳⏰!!

💡 It means you can record book simultaneously while you read one !

If you Record any book, it will be lasting for more than decades 🌍💟🗓️ and it will help so many Blind Students all over India

Amazing, right….!?

Guys , You will become the Voice of so many Blind Students , You will become the way or path for their Knowledge !

your not alone,
here’s a list of people, who decided to record books. These people are reading the book and same time, they are recoding that book!
If they are, you can too!!

To know more about these people Click here and read the name of those Change Makers

🔸 Recording book for Blind is not Time_Wasting , it’s Time_investing

It’s Investment for better Future of Visually Challanged.

So ,

if you want to be a part of this initiative of recording a book for Blind then ;

  • Click here and know the Steps wise procedure to join Let’s Record initiative

Even if you are not recording, we would love it if you share this message to as many as possible

क्या पता कोई , इंटरेस्टेड होगा , To change Something 🌐

Since we are in Lockdown !

_So use this opportunity 🙌🏻💯 for our blind Students !_
Since , Lockdown is not going to happen every year !

Just share This msg On Different Social Media ::

1) Tweets on Twitter ::

Click here to share #Retweet_it !

2) Instagram ::

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3) Facebook ::

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4) Share YouTube Videos ::

4) Whatsapp / Telegram ::

Copy below Message and Share on Whatsapp Groups / Contacts


Hey Friends, I came across an Initiative called Let’s Record , which aims to record study material and other books in audio format for Visually Challenged (blind) Students.

You can also join this Initiative!

Click below to read about and join Let’s Record :


*Take_Step_* & *_Be_The_Part_Of_Change*

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