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1) Fiction / Novel

🔲On Drive::

1) A thousand Splendid suns Recorded by Abhishek Mandal

2) Dollar bahu by Sudha Murthy Recorded By Anjali Singh

3)Swami and Friends by R K Narayan Recorded by Ria Chandorkar 

4) Sherlock Holmes – The Mysterious Adventures by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Recorded By Chinmay Johari

5) Lady Susan by  Jane Austen Recorded by  Aleesha Joykutty

6) The Blue Umbrella By Ruskin Bond Recorded By Aleesha Joykutty

7) The India I love By Ruskin Bond Recorded by Aleesha Joykutty

8) How I taught my grandmother to read & other stories by Sudha Murty Recorded by Aleesha Joykutty

9) The Dark Room By R. K. Narayan Recorded by Ria Aparna Amit

10) The game of shadows by Deepa Agarwal Recorded by Riddhi Lunawat

11) The guide by R.K.Narayan Recorded by Vrushali S. waghchoure

12) The moving finger by Agatha Chrustie recorded by MANAV NGO

13) House of Cards by Sudha Murthy recorded by MANAV NGO

14) The Garden and the Gardener by Rabindranath Tagore recorded by MANAV NGO

15) 3000 Stitches Hindi Edition by Sudha Murthy recorded by Manali

16) Magic of the lost temple By Sudha Murthy Recorded by C. Deepalakshmi

17) Goodbye Mickey mouse by Len Deighton Recorded by Srinivas Reghu, Chaitanya⁩ (11 Grade Student), Deepalakshmi

18) Healing heart By Laura Scott Recorded by Maadhuka audio library, Kerala

19) Dracula by Bram Stoker Recorded by KFB ,Maadhuka audio library Published by New York Grosset and dunlop

20) Tenses by Dr B. Vishwanathan Recorded by Janvi Salve

🔳On Youtube::

1) 1984 by George Orwell on YouTube

2) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

3) The great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

4) The kite runner by Khalid Hosseni

5) The last Lecture by Randy Pausch

6)Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts By Perfect historical Audiobook/youtube

7) Book of enoch by kingdomof David/youtube.

8) When will jesus Bring the pork chops by George Carlin By Alexandra Beret/youtube

9) गीतांजली (Gitanjali) by Ravindranath Tagore By Think again audiobooks

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