Hindi Audiobooks, self help

6) आत्मनिर्भरता (Self Help)

🔲On Drive::

1) The Master Key to Riches (Amiri ki chabhi aapke hath me) by Nepoleon Hill

2) The power of your subconscious mind (Aapke avchetan man ki shakti) By Joseph Murphy

3) The leader in you (Aap Bhi Leader Ban Sakte Hain) By Dale Carnegie

4) The magic of thinking big (Badi Soch Ka Bada Jadoo) by David J.Schwartz

  1. Part 1 ( भाग 1 )
  2. Part 2 ( भाग 2 )

5) The Power of habit (Aadat ki shakti) by Charles Duhigg

  1. Part 1 ( भाग 1 )
  2. Part 2 ( भाग 2 )
  3. Part 3 ( भाग 3 )

6) Jonathan Livingston Seagull Recorded On YouTube

7) Think and Grow Rich (Sochia aur amir baniye) By Nepolean Hill

8) Seven Habits of highly effective people( Ati Prabhavkari Logo ki 7 Aadate) By Stephan R Kavi

9) who will cry when you die (Kon royega aapki mrutyu par) By Robin Sharma

10) Time Management By Dr Sudheer Dixit

11) The monk who sold his Ferrari (Sanyasi jisne apni Ferrari bech diyi) by Robin Sharma

12) 3 thousand stitches (3000 taake) By Sudha Murthy recorded by Manali

🔳On Youtube::

1) You can Win (Jeet Aapki) by Shiv Kheda

2) Attitude 101 by John C. Maxwell by the one Ravi Kumar/youtube.

3) Asaflata ka tyag (असफलता का त्याग) by Ts madaan

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