Journey of Vargshikshak

This is how Vargshikshak was Started !

Blog by Rushikesh (Team Vargshikshak)

  • Journey of Vargshikshak 2019-2020

Vargshikshak was initially started to provide free science notes and lectures for science students. Vishal dreamt of making an online education platform to make science as fun and as simple as possible. He worked on it by uploading a few videos on YouTube and created this website of Vargshikshak. Not just the website, he had also created an Android and iOS Application for Vargshikshak, which was later removed due to a few problems.

Vishal taught Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry to many students like me. He always taught us in a different way and he always said, “The only reason I teach in a different way is, I observe the same thing in a different view.”

You can read his blog on science notes here.

He used our smartphones when he started these things and being his best friend, I would give my phone and laptop to him. He used it for creating such great things like Vargshikshak.

Many of us think of what we can do for ourselves. But he is the one who thinks what he can do for others.

He also started Vpf Creations to create awareness about disability through Entertainment Videos.
After that, in February 2019, he became a Coordinator of SAATHI Enabling Center of Fergusson College, an NGO, that works for differently abled students. In 2019-2020, SAATHI got more than 400+ volunteers and 80+ active volunteers. He employed his creative ideas well and created awareness about social service among Science students.

He always told me the Rule of WHY –
W – What can I do?
H – How will this thing come into reality
Y – You before me
And if you understand these letters – W , H , Y – you will get the answer Why you are doing the things you are doing.

He created an impact on many people like me through various activities and programs.

He has the capabilities to bring out something extraordinary from ordinary students. He guided, helped many students to achieve something in their life.

I remember, one day, he came back from college at 10 p.m. I asked him, “What happened?” He told me, “We are not providing audiobooks to blind students in the required amount. We can read anything even a couple of moments before the exams but blind students cannot.”

He shared with me an experience while being a scribe. For an exam of S.Y.B.A, one scribe had cancelled due to emergency and Vishal decided to become a writer for Rushikesh Adhav, a VI student. It was when he realized that whatever audiobooks, audio study materials were being provided, those were not enough for B.A. students.

After Rushikesh’s exam, he was frustrated. Then, he did a small research and found that the government was not providing academic study material to VI students and the system of audiobooks (study material) was not in a good position. Finally, he decided to make an online audiobook website for blind students.

He was also selected for the youth camp started by Padmashree Dr. Abhay Bang, called Nirman, in February 2020, which was held at Gadchiroli. In this camp, he decided to build an Audiobook Website in summer holidays (May 2020). He came back to Pune and started studying for his final year exams of B.Sc. Physics.

But due to the surge in Covid cases, Vishal and I came back to our hometown, Ahmednagar, on 18th March. I remember, when on 24 March 2020 he got the news about a national lockdown at 10:30 p.m., he told me to meet him. He wanted to do something really important.

He started working on it and after 8 hours on 25th March 2020, one of the first initiatives after lockdown in India was announced and it was the Let’s Record initiative.

He turned lockdown into an opportunity to appeal people to help our visually impaired students and to spend times with books. Just because of the proper timing, in just one month, more than 100+ people participated in Let’s Record from different parts of India as well as from USA, Srilanka, Georgia. After that, because of a proper team work we could do some really good work in a small amount of time.

The initial team included Ria, Dhiraj, Bhavesh, Deepali, Pravinya, Bhakti, Mansi and myself along with Vishal. Click here to read more about our current team.

Many people gave a really positive feedback on Let’s Record, but as far as I know, Let’s Record website was not the ultimate goal of Vishal. He was working on Let’s Record mobile application from a long time. For this, he is taking help from Deepali for making presentations. I helped him in making prototypes of the application. He is also trying to get help from IT companies and the government to built his dream application of let’s Record.

In the end, I would like to mention that he was also working on one of his other dream projects of an Edu-Social media called X-tra. Xtra is a really difficult project but if it comes into reality, it will definitely change the world of education in our country.

This is my third blog on Vargshikshak. If you have any questions, views; please mention them in the comment box below.

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