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Let’s Record Vision , Mission , Team


Let’s Record was started on 24th March, 2020. A countrywide lockdown had been announced in India in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic. Let’s Record was launched to help increase the number of audiobooks freely available to blind students and is being worked for since then.


  1. To make audiobooks accessible to visually challenged people
  2. To provide them necessary study material
  3. To widen the range of books available for visually challenged students
  4. To empower them by providing resources for education
  5. To create a society where education does not stop due to lack of basic resources like books


Many a times the education of blind students comes to a halt due to unavailability of books in a format that can be read by them. Audiobook is one of the two formats, other being Braille. Millions of blinds have a little choice when it comes to reading books. Not even 15% of the total literature of this world is available in Braille and merely half in Audiobooks. This initiative aims at uprooting this problem by recording as many books in audio format as possible and reaching out to a maximum of blinds.

There are about 5 million blind people in India itself. They have as much right to become educated as any other person. But the literacy rate in them is very low. Majority of them drop out after completing school education. Lack of resources for studying is one of the difficulties. Let’s Record will cure this difficulty.

Facilitating blinds with books recorded by sighted people living in the same society, free of cost, is the mission.


Decades hence, there might arrive technologies through which every blind will be able to read a book directly without an audio or Braille. We might have a cure for blindness through the medical field. But till then, Let’s Record will surely make audiobooks accessible to the visually challenged.

We have made prototypes for the Let’s Record application and we hope to have one single application to make one largest volunteering platform for making audiobooks. For that, we are trying to get help from few organizations so that every visually impaired student will get access to the large collections of books.

So, we hope, one day we will create something better than this.


Many people are already a part of Let’s Record family. It has people from across the world (U.S.A, France, Singapore, Sri Lanka) contributing for the greater good of society. 200+ books have already been recorded successfully. Let’s Record has reached JNU (Delhi University) and has been recognized by blind students there.

Let’s Record is tirelessly working to increase its reach of blind students as well as individuals recording books.


Let’s Record has a cooperative and coordinating team which works together to look after various aspects like its webpage, managing records, social media accounts, links to audiobooks, etc. None works under none and they share all the responsibilities equally.

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