Competitive Exam

4) Audiobooks For Competitive Exams

Here you will get the Audiobooks For Competative Exams Like UPSC / MPSC etc. ( Click below and Open Differnt Types of Books ) To Open Audiobooks , Sometimes You need to Click twice on the link

1) Syllabus: Competitive Exam

2) Strategy of competitive Exam

3) Reference Book: Competitive Exam

4) Prelims study material

5) Mains Study Material

6) Current Study Material


8) Fergusson College Notes

9) Banking study material

10) Motivational Section for Competitive Exam

11) Books for Competitive Exams from other NGO’s

If you face any problem in the Competitive Books section. Then you can click here and tell us your problem. We will try to fix it as soon as possible 🙏

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