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About voice and other Recording issues ?

1) Does it matter how my voice is or if I am a bad reader?
Ans- Different people have different voice and that is totally fine. Your voice is our voice. As far as you are able to read good enough for anyone to understand, it doesn’t matter how your voice is.

2) What format should I choose to upload the recordings?
Ans- We prefer ‘mp3’ format which is easy to access. If you want to convert any of the audios from other formats to mp3, here is a free online audio converter you can use.

3) What if I am in a noisy place and it is difficult to record in a clear, noiseless manner?
Ans- As said earlier too, the recording is not necessarily expected to be a professional one. A little background noise can be neglected. If the words are understandable, good enough. Even blind students might listen to them when they have noise around but since most of them use headphones, it is not mandatory that the recordings have no noise at all. If you still want your recording to be as clear as possible and find it difficult to edit it once recorded, you may directly record using recorder apps which automatically reduce the noise around while recording voice notes. Here is the link to one of the apps.

4) Will the essence/intent of the book be lost if I record it in audio format?
Ans- It is an audio recording and not a performance. Therefore, be confident and record it without having such a doubt.

5) Is my book which has been recorded in English language helping visually impaired students even if I am not able to provide a summary in Hindi/Marathi? OR Is it fine if I record the book in English only, since I am not comfortable summarizing it into Hindi/Marathi?

Ans- Yes, it is fine if you record book in English only. Hindi/Marathi summary will help those who are not acquainted with English. But there are plenty of students who are comfortable and well acquainted with the English language. Whether or not a summary is provided, the audiobooks will be helpful, regardless.

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