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Is there a specific type of books to be recorded?

1) Is there a specific type of books to be recorded?
Ans- No. Any type of book is welcome. These are some suggestions – It may be story-book for school students. It may be Science Fiction, Drama, Action and Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Gothic, Self-help, guides, travel, Children’s Fiction, Science, History, Math, anthologies, poetry, comics, art, diaries, autobiographies, fantasy novels, motivational stories, General Knowledge books… You can record books for graduate students, for different exams like MPSC, UPSC, Banking Exams or post-graduate literature, etc.

Generally, school text-books are available in Braille/Audio for the classes 1st to 10th. So, we generally ask for books that are not a part of school academics.

Our aim is to provide those books or study material to Visually Challenged students which are not easily available on other platforms.

If You wish to record something for a good cause, you can join our WhatsApp Group. We post our requirements for recordings on the group based on the requests made by blind students. If you are available at that time, you can take a step and record those study materials for them!

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