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Uploading Procedure and Things to do while Uploading and Sending Recording details ?

यदि आप अंग्रेजी के साथ सहज नहीं हैं और इस पृष्ठ का हिंदी में अनुवाद करना चाहते हैं (या अपनी सुविधा के अनुसार किसी अन्य भाषा में), तो कृपया नीचे स्क्रॉल करें और इस पृष्ठ के अंत में Google Translator (अनुवादक) का उपयोग करें। उसके बाद यह पृष्ठ आपके द्वारा चुनी गई भाषा में पुनः लोड होगा।


  1. Select a book/text OR join our group to record books/texts as per blind students’ requirements
  2. Fill out the registration form
  3. Record the book
  4. Upload recordings on Google Drive or any cloud storage
  5. Share the details with us
  6. Your recordings will be made available to blind students here.


First of all, thank you, for taking interest in our initiative! 😊

Here, we have shared almost all the details of procedure which is followed while recording books. You can go through this anytime and in case you come across any difficulties while understanding it, please let us know in the Comments Section. The team shall help you out!

1) Visit Vargshikshak/Let’s Record

Why Let’s Record? – Know more about our initiative, Let’s Record.

2) Which Book Should I record !?

Our aim is to provide those books/study material to Visually Challenged students which are not easily available on other platforms. If You wish to record something for a good cause, you can join our WhatsApp Group. We will share our requirements for recordings on group. If you are available at that time, you can take a step and record the study material for students!


You can opt to record any book of your choice which you wish to share with blind students. Please do not choose books that have already been chosen by someone else for recording. For that, check the Excel Sheet/Book List of Let’s Record.

(Please don’t record those books, which are easily available on YouTube or on any other free platform.)

2) Fill the online Registration Form

After joining our WhatsApp group, when you choose any book as per our requirement or on your own, fill out the Registration Form of Let’s Record.

Fill out the details separately for each new book, i.e, fill the form again for every new book you wish to record.

3) Record the book and upload it on Google Drive or on any other cloud storage

We recommend these cloud storage systems as these are easy to use:
Google Drive, Dropbox Business, OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, and Box. Upload the recordings in mp3 format only. 

MUST READ: If you want to know how to record and how to upload recordings on Google Drive in a proper manner, click here to read.

We request you;

Kindly do not delete any of the recordings from Drive which you have uploaded for Let’s Record. Otherwise, we’ll lose all your efforts.

We know that there can be space constraints. But, Google provides free 15 GB space with every new Gmail ID. If, by chance, the storage on one Gmail ID gets full, you can create a new Gmail ID anytime as many times as you want. By creating a new Gmail ID, you will get 15 GB Cloud storage on Google Drive. You can upload all your new files there without having to delete anything from the previous ID.

(Click here to know how to create a new G-Mail ID)

4) Share the following with us as soon as possible: 

  • Send the details personally to Vargshikshak on WhatsApp [click here to share]


Your name ::
Name of the book ::
Author’s name ::
Language ::
Book type (Genre) ::
Google Drive (Folder) Link ::

Your Audiobook / Drive Link will be Updated on our Webpage

You will find Your Recording / Drive Link with Book Details  on our Audiobook Page after 2/3 Days.

5) Feedback and Suggestions

If you have Recorded any book we would be glad to know how your experience was! We welcome suggestions! Your feedback will definitely be heplful for us to make any improvements that we can 😊 Eager to hear from you!!

Click here to Send Us Feedback and Suggestions

6) To connect with us and to receive updates, join our groups:

Few examples of recordings for you!

Since #Lets_Record is reaching many students from different regions, we thought that they should know the source, i.e., where exactly are the books being recorded, so that, if they have any suggestions/feedback, those can reach us. At the beginning of each recording, kindly introduce yourself and our initiative/website. For example,

“This book is being recorded under the Let’s Record Initiative by Vargshikshak. To know more about our initiative, google vargshikshak.com. I am (your name). I am recording the book (book’s name) by (author’s name).

Please note: We might not have made a mention of this in our previous recordings; no worries. We will mention this in future recordings. It will help us reach out to more students.

To get an idea about how to record, check out these audios from different sections:

  • Hindi

12th fail ( Motivational Biography ) by Anurag Pathak recorded by Manisha Arora

  • Competitive Exams’ Books

Vision IAS Question Bank recorded by Ishwari Chandrakar

  • English

Road to Mussorie by Ruskin Bond recorded by Dr. Aleesha Joykutty

  • Marathi

मी एक निशब्द कळी  By शैलजा घोरपडे recorded by Prof. Dr. Varsha Suresh Deshmukh

Contact us in case you have any queries/doubts.

We know that our procedure might be a little bit complex for those who are not comfortable with the use of technology. We are trying our best to make it suitable and automatic for everyone. We’ll bring more to you, soon!

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