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Testimonials / Feedback

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(More testimonials of visually challenged students will be uploaded soon!)

  • Click here to view the Appreciation Letter From Jagruti Blind School, Pune

  • Our Audiobook Link was published in an official notice of Aatmaram College of Delhi University, CLICK HERE to view.

  • Click here and watch the video message we received from Daina Chao (Founder, Letters to Strangers) from US.

  • Video feedback from blind students on our future Project Let’s Record: Click here.

If you want to read each and every updated feedback in pdf format or if you wish to hear few audio feedback, those can be accessed here.

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4 thoughts on “Testimonials / Feedback”

  1. Very nice vishal , you’ve been doing amazing work . The website is superb and covered all the details of every program your carrying forward. I’m sure this will help wide range of people across globe. All d best, proud of you 👏👏


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