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Question Paper of Vision IAS and Vajiram & Ravi Classes

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@Vajiram and Ravi IAS Test Paper ::

1) Vajiram & Ravi Preliminary Test No.15 Recorded By Bhavesh Zanje.

2) Vajiram and Ravi IAS Test Paper no.17 Recorded by Ria Aparna Amit

3) Upsc prelims question set ( 12) Vajiram Recorded by Sakshi Kadam

4) Vajiram and Ravi IAS Test Paper no. 13 Recorded by Samiksha Potbhare

5) VAJIRAM AND RAVI (GS TEST – 16) Recorded by Surabhi Singh

@Vision IAS

1.1) Part-1 ( From Question : 01-65 ) Vision ias Preliminary Test Paper 2989 Recorded By Deshna Nagar

1.2) Part-2 ( From Question : 66-100 )A question paper set of Vision IAS Preliminary Paper Set no. 2989 Recorded by Sachit Deshmukh

2) Upsc prelim Set (35) by Vision IAS Recorded by Tanaya Gawade

3) Vision ias Test No.29 Recorded By Riya Thakar

4) Vision IAS Test No.28 Recorded By Bhakti Patel

5) Vision Ias Test No.31 Recorded By Aayushi Jain

6) Vision ias Test no. 2976 Recorded By Riya Thakar

7) Vision Ias Upsc Preliminary Question Bank And Answers Recorded by Gayatri Nalinde

8.1) Part-1 :: UPSC Preliminary Paper Set by Vision IAS General Studies (P) 2020 Test – 2969 Recorded by Janvi Salve

8.2) Part-2 :: Test – 2969

9) Vision Ias Test No.2975 Recorded by Meena Gokhale


11) VISION IAS Prelims test no.- 2966. Recorded By Kartiki

12) Vision ias Test no.2977 Recorded By Sanika Shah

13) Vision ias test booklet 2970 GS Prelims 2020 recorded by Riddhi B Thakkar

14) Vision ias Test no.2988 Recorded By Bhakti Patel

15) Vision ias Test No. 2996 Recorded By Pranautee Mahindrakar

16) General Studies Paper No.2968 Recorded By Rutuja Ahire

17) Vision ias Test No.2963 Recorded By Suchita Paranjape.

18) General Studies Test No.32 Recorded By Renu

19) Vision IAS test no. 2967 by Vision IAS Recorded by Vedant Sontakke

20) व्हिजन आएस माॅक पेपर ( Vision IAS Mock Paper 1391 ) यूपीएससी ( UPSC) Recorded By sachit Deshmukh

21) Upsc preliminary paper by vision IAS recorded by Janvi Salve

22) Upsc preliminary paper set no.2964 by vision IAS recorded by Arushi Saha

23) NEO IAS Previous Year questions of Geography Recorded by Janvi Salve

1) The shubhra ranjan PSIR Test Model Answer Recorded by Annonymous

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