let's Record, SAATHI 2019-2020

About Let’s Record and Our NGO Saathi

Hello Fam!

So here, we are going to talk about “Let’s Record” and also about our college based NGO “Saathi Enabling Center”, Fergusson College Pune.

Let’s Record, is an effort made by the students to be able to provide wide range of audiobooks for our Blind students. This initiative was initially scheduled for the month of July 2020 cause that’s when the college campuses reopen and students starts with their academic year and require to record the academics. But, all of a sudden the whole world witnessed the pandemic of COVID-19. And as a consequence, our country was under a period of 21 day lockdown.

So, to utilize this time  and contribute towards a noble cause, we launched our initiative with the commencement of the nationwide lockdown on 24 March 2020.

Initially, our aim was to record academic books for the Visually Imaparied Students of Fergusson College only. But, as the uncertainty persisted, and our initiative spread across and more people joined in, we welcomed all the suggestions and ideas. Progressively, along with the academics we went on adding different genres and categories to our library of audiobooks.

We aim to reach out to various blinds students and schools and also to provide access to the required audiobooks to the blind students reaching us.
This initiative completed more than 8+ months and we have successfully recorded more than 200+ books which are accessible to everyone.  in 4 Differnt Sections Such as Marathi , Hindi , English , Competative etc.


We have made prototypes for the Let’s Record application , we hope to have one single application to make one largest volunterring platform for making audiobooks and for that we are trying to get help from few organisations 🙂 We hope, one day we will create something better than this. [ Click here to know more about our Projects ]

Many of have some doubts and questions to us.Like, What is SAATHI and How does it work ?

We all are Saathi’s, which means we all are the volunteers of NGO Saathi. Our NGO aims at creating an amiable and helping environment for the students with special needs. We organize  several activities to create an healthy and lively atmosphere. The activities are carried all round the year. Hence, Click here to know more about how does our NGO function and about our activities in the past.

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