SAATHI 2019-2020

1) Saathi Orientation Program

The journey of Saathi this year began in April 2019. Vishal , Apeksha and Ashish – the student coordinators – got involved in the task of getting writers for the End Semester Exams For Differntaly Abled Students.

In summer ( May 2019 ) , they started to make plans for the orientation of Saathi in which the First Year Students would understand what Saathi is, how it works

The very first programme organized was Saathi Orientation Programme.Registration Forms had already been sent to all official groups to join Saathi. Fergusson’s First Blog of Saathi were being read and the word Saathi was getting around among the students.

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During the orientation, the coordinators spoke about Saathi and some of the blind students were introduced as well. There was a huge crowd, amazed at just how talented the blind students were and it gave a boost to what was coming for Saathi.

It was followed by SOEC orientation during which the various platforms under SOEC were put forth in detail before the freshers with the purpose of giving students choice as per their interests. And Saathi got 300+ Volunteers from Different Colleges across Pune including COEP , ILS , SP , BJ Medical Etc.

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