memories, SAATHI 2019-2020

4) Clean A3 ( Saathi Department )

As an activity, Saathi organizes a cleaning activity in which the volunteers who wish to help can come to A3.

The main message behind this activity was to make the students realize the importance of cleaning. Saathi wanted to tell students that working can be fun. All the other rooms in the college are swept and cleaned by the sweepers but Saathi’s room – A3 – is cleaned by its volunteers and coordinators. This is what makes Saathi a fun platform to learn and work simultaneously.

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Visually impaired students and volunteers worked in good spirit and by the end of the day, the A3 was cleaned, the room was swept and everything was arranged properly.

This was also the first time that volunteers and students were introduced to each other; a day for new friendships through team work!

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Mention your views and memories of the activity and about Clean India Initiative. Tell us how you are making difference, in the comments section below!

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