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Cultural Fest ( Spandan )

Cultural Fest of Spandan

– 4th January 2020, Louise Braille Day –

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The second day of the fest was even more exciting. On 3rd January 2020, Spandan was organized by the students of Fergusson College. Spandan is a cultural fest in which students of Fergusson are given a stage to perform their various art forms. Starting from dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument to poetry, students enjoy these two days during which Spandan is organized.

Saathi has an entire slot of one hour on the second day during which the differently-abled perform. They get a platform wherein they can showcase their talents. This year, the team of Saathi had decided on their performances. But what performance is directly presented before the audience without any practice? On 3rd January, the blind students along with the volunteers practiced their performances near A3. Dance of the blind students and the volunteers had to be set so everyone gathered in the A2 class to amaze everyone with their skills.

It was not an easy thing to teach the blind students how to dance to the beat but it wasn’t impossible as well. The students caught up pretty quickly and for the remaining hours, they practiced. In one corner, our hosts were getting their scripts ready. On the other hand, the remaining volunteers got ready with other important things that would be essential for the cultural fest. The practice gave a lesson to everyone. On one hand, the blind students learned how to dance to the tune without exactly knowing how the steps were whilst on the other hand; the volunteers understood that if one tries, he or she is capable of doing everything in spite of hindrance, be it of any form.

– Group Dance at Spandan –

Saathi has a one-hour slot in Spandan – the cultural fest of Fergusson College. In this one hour, the blind students can showcase their talent in front of the audience.

Nivant Foundation had come to see the students of Saathi perform. They spoke about the talent these students had and wished them good luck. The Founder of Swalekhan Application, Uma Badve Madam enjoyed our fest.

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Our anchoring voice – Yogesh and F.Y. student Janvhi, together filled the audience with enthusiasm while anchoring the whole programme for Saathi.

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The first performance was by Dhanshree. She sang ‘Sun raha hai na tu’ and receieved a heartfelt appreciation from everyone for her fantastic voice.

Aarya, from FYBA, recited a Powada which was equally exhilarating.

Sudam, the famous guitarist of Saathi tuned his instrument to the song ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’ while Sarang provided syllables to his tune.

Devdan entertained everyone with his acting before Dhanashri came up to mesmerize everyone again, but this time with the beats of her payal.

Dhanashree’s Dance ::

Aniket, an ex-Fergussonian, came up next to rap on his own lyrics and music. His songs, ‘We Are Capable’ and ‘Farak’ reached the souls since he, too, was a blind student.

In the end, all the students of Saathi and volunteers danced together on a mashup song. It didn’t matter to them if they did the steps right or if they were looking good when dancing. All they wanted was to enjoy this cultural fest, which they genuinely did.

Our Group Dance ::

Lastly, a thousand cheers to Saathi!

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