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The Departmental Fest of Saathi

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Fergusson College has a tradition of conducting departmental fests every year. Many stalls of different games are put up so that students from everywhere can come and participate and win prizes of all sorts. All the departments are supposed to organize their own games and programs and carry them out in the two days they are given. Social Outreach Enabling Centre (SOEC) has its own place in the fest under Saathi Enabling Centre. Many games are organized with the help of volunteers. This year, the fun was just as much as last year if not less.

The day started with everyone getting around the room to gather all the required materials for the games. The fest started with a rally on the first day wherein all the departments came together and chanted their slogans out loud while marching from the Junior College till the Main Circle near the Main Building.

Banners were held in hands and enthusiasm was filled in the air. This is one of the important parts of Fergusson College that everyone looks forward to. Excitement could be easily found among one and all.

Many games were conducted by Saathi Enabling Centre.

1.Treasure Hunt was the first among them in which the clues were written in Braille language and so a group of 4 was needed – out of which 1 was a blind student and 3 were those who wished to participate in the game.

2.Braille Housie was another one. Braille Housie was for the blind. Volunteers handed them housie cards with numbers in Braille which were prepared with their help and called out numbers just like a regular housie game.

3.Taste Test was for those who trust their taste buds good enough to know what kind of food item was given to them.

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4.Lemon and spoon gave everyone nostalgia. One had to balance a lemon on a spoon and walk across a few feet without dropping it.

5.‘Read my lips’ was among the loved games. In Read My Lips there were 2 participants – one for talking and one for the guessing. The person with guessing work was given headphones and loud music was played while the other person talked what he was told by the volunteers. The guessing guy had to guess his words just by lip-reading.

6.The paper dance was the most participated game. People came in huge numbers for this one sporting event which seemed very easy but took great efforts when the paper was folded 3 times. It was great fun to see the competitors struggling on the paper but they gave their best and enjoyed more than they competed.

7.Jamke Rakhna Kadam was a game where a person was tied a blindfold and he had to cross a couple hurdles (chairs kept in between the path) whilst listening to the beat to reach the finishing line.

8.Music Masti Gappa Gaani is the most loved program of Saathi Enabling Centre. It is open to all. You can come and sing, recite poetry, and enjoy with the entire team of Saathi.

This year, even the Principal of the college decided to show up and sing a song by Kishore Kumar.

It was a real pleasure for everyone to witness such a great performance. It was the last event for the first day of the departmental fests. Many more games and programs were waiting for the next day.

Saathi always tries their best to create a bridge among the differently-abled and other students of the college. Through these games, it tried to achieve the same. Saathi, at some level, succeeded. The gaps in differences were being filled.

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