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7) Music Masti Gappa Gaani

Group picture of Saathis after the successful session.

This ice breaker activity ‘Music Masti Gappa Gaani’ was organized at A2 Hall and it proved to be a very successful one.

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This was the last event of the odd semester (September 2019). Music Masti Gappa Gaani was a platform for people to come and perform whatever they wanted. Around 80 students, including blind students and coordinators, had assembled in A2. Snacks were given to those who had come. Students came one after the other and performed whatever they wished to – starting from little couplets to a full-length poem. Instruments were played along to the words of songs.

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Initially, it was thought to be a program of 2-3 hours starting from 1 p.m. because it was a Saturday and it was raining. But to the astonishment of everyone, the program extended till 6 p.m. It really was a ‘Masti Time’.

This event is considered to be the most successful event in the entire first semester because it gave students a sense of confidence. And most importantly it created a bridge between volunteers and blind students as well as other audiences. It allowed them to forget their differences and sing together the chorus of life.

This was an activity where we got a glimpse the hidden talents of our differently abled students and volunteers through poetry, musical instruments, rap, songs, story telling, shayari, etc. We also celebrated Dhanshree and Anil’s birthday.

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It not only gave us an insight into what potentials the students have but also into how unique everyone is, in their own way. Music Masti Gappa Gaani was the best event of the first semester because of the participation of all students.

If you remember that day full of Mastii, then go to comments section and share your memories!

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