memories, SAATHI 2019-2020

11.SAATHI’s Trip

A one day excursion tour was organized to Shri Ballaleshwar Ganpati Temple, Pali and Akshi Beach, Alibag.

Every year, Saathi organizes a one-day trip to some places near Pune. Some volunteers and all the Blind Students go out to relax before the exams begin. This year the trip was on the 5th of February.

Sharp at 5:30 a.m. the students had gathered near the main gate of the college. A bus had been arranged. After everyone had come, the bus started. Two main destinations were the Ganesh temple of Pali and Akshi Beach.

The bus stopped around Lonavla for breakfast. The winds were flapping at everyone’s cheeks and since they were at an altitude higher than normal, the winds seemed harsher.

After breakfast, the bus directly stopped at Pali. The temple was beautifully adorned with Ganpati pictures. The entire structure had been built decades before and was famous for its pillars which had been supporting the temple for years now.

A priest from the temple was telling the students about all these things and they all listened intently. He even allowed the blind students to touch the pillars for themselves.

Volunteers had been assigned Blind Students with whom they were supposed to spend time and they were to narrate them of their surroundings, help them walk and never let them out of their sight.

From there, the bus turned its wheels towards Akshi beach. It was pleasing to see the tall coconut trees in the red soil along the way. The beach was deserted so all the students could go wherever they wanted. The blind students could not see but they could feel and perhaps, that’s what they did. They felt the wet beach sand, the cold, salty water, and drenched their body and soul in the salinity of nature.

Around 5:00 p.m. everyone decided that it was time to leave because the students had to reach their houses on time. The ride back to the town was full of masti, dancing, and singing to the top of everyone’s voices. Everyone was tired to their deepest cores but no one wanted to sit and relax because they were only going to get one day. Snacks had been distributed in between, after coming from the beach and so everyone was again full of energy.

The day seemed to have stretched but it was only because everyone had let go of technology and lived in nature. It was a long, tiring day but it was a day well lived.

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