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Problems of the Student Community

नई सरकारे आएगी और जाएगी, लेकिन किसी ने भी आजतक छात्रों की समस्या को जड़ से हल करने का प्रयास नहीं किया है।

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1) Scholarship and DBT Issue :

The challenges and difficulties faced by students in the course of their education often remain unheard. We believe that the main reason behind this is absence of a concrete committee, to networks students, educators, welfare and social workers, which can efficiently recognize the problems we face. The best person to be able to identify a problem is the person who is facing it. Therefore, independent Student Committees that link all the institutional and social authorities which can solve their issues, is a must. Rather, the role of students in these committees is a must.

The article below is an example of how students are facing such issues every year. On a surface level, one might feel like these issues have popped up only due to the Covid-19 pandemic but the truth is that students have struggled to have their meals in Pune (and may be all over India) before the pandemic, too. We know it because some of them are our friends whom we have seen struggling.

Thanks to all hostel students of PMC (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hostel, Ghole Road, Pune) for giving your valuable opinions in the survey. We asked them a simple question – Why do they want their DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) money? The responses we received clearly stated that the students were facing serious financial issues.

2) Problems during Admission Process

As the UG admissions opened, we received many calls from visually challenged students and from students hailing from rural areas, all of whom were asking help for filling up the online application forms of colleges like Fergusson, SP, Modern College. At that time, volunteers from Saathi Enabling Centre set up a team and assisted those students in filling the forms.

But the larger issue still remained unaddressed. We realized that we had faced the same difficulties in our admissions because of lack of clarity regarding the admission process. In fact, every student faces it in the beginning stages of admissions.

To explore the possible solutions, we took a survey and found that more than 95% students felt the need of a proper video explanation for the entire admission procedure.

Survey :: 18 July 2020

19 July 2020 :: The Times Group voiced our concern.

Sakal Times, too, raised the issue we put forward.

Our main aim is to make admission procedures understandable for all. It is the starting point of one’s college life and it must go well for everyone.

3) Difficulties faced by Visually Challenged students

Click here to know the reason behind starting Let’s Record.

Let’s Record is a non-profit initiative which is being run for blind students and students with print impairment. Through this, we are making books available to them in audio format. Many a times, the education of blind students comes to a halt due to unavailability of audiobooks. This initiative aims at uprooting this major problem by recording as many books as possible. In addition to it many people are in search of a reason to read books. Here’s a cause they can work for!
Let’s Record started when a countrywide lockdown was announced in India i.e., 24th March 2020. It’s a social cause that can be worked for, just sitting at home. This is one of the reason the initiative was designed and it will continue hereafter.

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Is there any long-term solution for this?

Yes! We have designed prototypes for the Let’s Record application. We hope to have one single application to make it a single largest volunteering platform for recording audiobooks. For the same, we are trying to procure help from a few organizations so that every visually impaired student gets to access a large collections of books and does not have to lose educational opportunities due to mere unavailability of resources.

We do not have any capital or resources to build the application ourselves. Hence, we have approached many people whom we deemed helpful but have not received any help yet. We are still trying to reach out to the government for this project.

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