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feedback of recordings?

How will I know if people are listening to my recordings or if it’s useful for them? Also, will I be able to view the feedback of my recording?

Yes, you will definitely be able to know the feedback on the recordings you’ve done. Yet, it depends on certain factors:

VI (visually impaired) students, in general, face a lot of difficulties while getting their education. Many of them drop out of schools at an early age, some discontinue after 10th, some more after 12th and very few study at graduation or post graduation levels. Many NGOs and foundations like @Help_The_Blind Foundation,_Chennai are working to promote completion of formal education of VI students. Out of this really small number, few take interest in literature/reading. Even there, their language of reading differs largely.
For example, there are very slim chances that students outside Maharashtra will listen to Marathi books. In and out, they access audiobooks in languages of their preference. Though it is a very tiny percentage of total VI students, Let’s Record wants to reach them because the treasure of books will not only prosper their knowledge, but also of other VI people around them. Somewhere, the human trait of imitation shall work wonders and encourage others around them to seek education.

Just like YouTube, as every viewer doesn’t comment, here too, not all students who access your recordings will comment. But, just the way we love YouTube videos even if we don’t comment every time, your work is precious for every student.

Let’s Record is in it’s initial phase and even our team is trying to find out ways in which we can reach more and more VI students. For example, we reached out to a Blind School in Pune and now teachers there know about Let’s Record. They are using our recordings and their Principal has given a collective feedback to us. (Click here to Read) Similarly, our volunteers try to reach out to blind people in their knowledge. We are trying to increase our network by #sharing and #helping each other. You can also help us with this as per your convenience. Like we always mention, this initiative was initially started for the Saathi Enabling Centre of Fergusson College. But now, we aim to help more and more students in the upcoming days. Our content generated under Let’s Record will now be shared with an even larger crowd of students through Maharashtra Shikshanganga. This is our next big collaboration after Manav(NGO), Pune.

Some reviews/feedbacks are received, well after when many days have passed. For example, we had uploaded the recording of a book on Mahatma Gandhi in April, but it got its first feedback by a student of Fergusson College recently, in October. The review was received by one of our team members as the book proved to be helpful in an academic assignment for the student. Sooner or later, no book shall go without benefiting its reader/listener.

Some VI students prefer to give feedback individually to the volunteer who has recorded the book. Many of our volunteers provide their contact details (as in phone number) in the beginning of their recordings. For Example, we have a teacher from Sangli who was conveyed the feedback over phone, directly by the blind student listening to her recordings.

We also receive collective feedbacks which are for each and every member of Let’s Record family. As stated earlier, we received a collective feedback from Principal of a Blind School in Pune which was insightful and encouraging for all the volunteers of Let’s Record. We regularly post such feedbacks in our WhatsApp group. All the feedbacks which we receive are also uploaded on our website. You can read them anytime you like and share it with your friends and family.

For the better future ::

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.
– W. Clement Stone

Message for all the participants From V. P. S. Palve (Editor, Let’s Record)

Hello Friends ,
We are trying to get help from Govt. to build a better platform for our aim. Perhaps, in the future someone else will create a better platform than what we have today and whatever happens, at the end, we can say that WE TRIED something! Our efforts will never be wasted, since the books, the texts you all have recorded are helping many visually challenged students and those will surely help them in the future, too!

And one more thing I would like to add because many people have asked me about it:
We don’t take any donations and we don’t give money to anyone. Recently, I found out that someone was trying to get donation on behalf of our initiative. Please make a note of it that we are completely working on non-profit basis and notify us if you see someone else doing it.

Again, a huge thanks to everyone who are a part of Let’s Record! ✨

Please note, that we are still trying to improve our initiative. We are yet to reach the 100% of our plan. We will be doing much more in upcoming days.

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