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19) हिंदी कहानियां (Hindi Short Stories)

🔲On Drive ::

1) Funny Stories : Mullanasrudeen ki Vinod purna kahaniyan By Yogesh Joshi Recorded by C. Deepalakshmi

2) Random short stories By Gujarat vidhyapeeth + Random stories Recorded by C. Deepalakshmi

3) भीगा खत( bhiga khat) by रिषभ गुलालकरी ( rishabh gulalkari) #Podcast recorded by Ashwin Pand

4)Moral Stories by Storyweaver Recorded by Read Club Tamilnadu in Hindi / English / Malayalam

5)Hindi stories for kids and elders Recorded by Maadhuka audio library, Kerala

🔳On Youtube::

1) मिसकॉल दीजिए और कहानियां सुनिए / Read Post on Facebook

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