Fergusson | Audiobook, Saathi 2020-2021

Audio Notes of Fergusson College, Pune

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1) History | SEM – 1

1) Landmarks in World History Compiled under Fergusson College Syllabus for  Semester I Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers 

2) Political Science

1) Political Theory – An Introduction by Ashok Acharya, Rajeev Bhargava Recorded by  SAATHI Volunteers

2) A History of Political By George H Sabine Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

3) Introduction to Indian Constitution By D D Basu Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

3) English and Soft Skill

1) English and Soft Skills By S.P. Dhanavel Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers 

3) Hindi ::

1) भक्तीकालीन हिंदी काव्य ( Bhakti Kalin Hindi Kavya ) Delhi University First Semester Syllabus Recorded by  SAATHI Volunteers

2) हिंदी साहित्य का इतिहास ( Hindi Sahitya ka Etihas ) [ Text book of  Delhi University ] Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

3) महाभोज (Mahabhoj) by मन्नू भंडारी (Mannu Bhandari) Recorded by Saathi Volunteers

4) Psychology ::

1) Psychology By Ciccareli White Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

5) Competitive Section ::

These books are recorded for Let’s Record Initiative under Saathi’s activity Let’s Crack It where Saathi’s volunteers are recording books, exclusively for competitive exams.

1) Vision IAS GS4- Ethics Published by  Vision IAS Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

2) Lexicon for Ethics , Integrity and Integrity by N.N. Ojha Chronicle Books Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

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