Saathi 2020-2021

1. First Interaction with New Saathi Students.


Saathi’s first group interaction with new First year blind students was held online.

on 25th September 2020. It was a welcoming session for them, held in the presence of the coordinators, senior blind students and a few volunteers. Being new to Fergusson College and Saathi, the students were curious about their new journey, with the online medium of learning and managing their studies adding to it. Most of the students belong to villages and cities outside Pune, and as a result, they were concerned about how they would cope with such a different environment. Everyone assured them that whilst they concentrate on their studies, Saathi will take care of everything else.   

The session started with everyone introducing themselves to each other. To break the ice, coordinators engaged students and volunteers in talking about their hobbies, achievements, sharing their experiences, and soon we could see that we were sitting, though over a broadband connection, among some really talented enthusiasts. Some were into singing, some played musical instruments, some loved poetry, some had an interest in elocution! From such an interaction not only did we come to know more about new students, but also, it led us to know what kind of activities, events, competitions, they’d love to take part in, in the coming years. The coordinators encouraged them to showcase their talent whenever they have the opportunity. Students were told about how they can be accompanied by volunteers to different places near Pune, where such opportunities come up often. An informal interaction with them helped us gain their confidence, after which they frankly told us about their challenges and difficulties. We acquainted them with Saathi and how they can always call out anyone from Saathi for any problems they might come across. Senior blind students shared their experience of past years, which helped First-Year students connect better with and be assured that they will have a good time at college.

The meet had started at 6.30 p.m. with a bunch of new First-Year students and ended at 7.30 p.m. with a whole lot of newfound friends.

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