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Help us Out by Signing Petition for Project Let’s record

You might not be working mainstream in making a change right now, but you can! Spreading the word for change is just as encouraging for the change-makers. We need your support to make the change happen!

🔵Date :: 20 January 2020

Hello, Friends!!

Can you help me out by signing this petition?

We have created a petition for building a mobile application for our Let’s Record Initiative.

You can help us by signing it!

If we are able to build the application, it could bring a lot of ease for blind students to access essential educational books.

Click here to show your support by signing the petition!

🔴Date :: 21 January 2020

Thank you for your kind support! Always stronger together!

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Because of you all, we received 500+ signatures…

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Click here to show your support by signing the petition!

🟢Date :: 25 May 2021

Completed 2️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ ➕ Signatures 🙂

1. https://youtu.be/xvVkCl0OY-I
2. https://youtube.com/shorts/RcDYFSf-r2U?feature=share

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