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“जागल्या ” First Marathi News Portal Covers News On Let’s Record Project

Hello Readers, we hope you all are fine and doing great! On our petition of Let’s Record, we received 1000+ signatures in the last few days.

[ Edit: 25 May 2021- Recieved 20,000+ Signature]

Thanks to all for sharing our petition!

Petition Link :: http://chng.it/BfFsPpL6 )

1. https://youtu.be/xvVkCl0OY-I
2. https://youtube.com/shorts/RcDYFSf-r2U?feature=share

The reason behind the petition is to appeal to the government to have a single platform for all visually challenged students. After creating this petition, being a Coordinator of Let’s Record, I met a few people, discussed the project of Let’s Record and we are still trying to highlight this issue.

A few days ago, I discussed all these things with the Founder and Editor of Jaglya (Marathi) News Portal, Mr. Dipak Sir and yesterday (3rd Feb, 2021) they posted an article about our initiative, Let’s Record.

It’s the first Marathi News Portal From Maharashtra, India to have covered the Let’s Record Initiative in their news!

Read the news article over here 👇



Click here to read the same at the Dailyhunt news portal.

Everyone knows that if we want to solve any problem, we have to solve it or we at least have to try! And we did!

But our aim is an even higher one and that is the reason why, we are trying to raise concerns for this through our Petition, News, etc. And yes! I also humbly wish to mention here, that this news is not for the publicity of Vishal Palve. This is about all blind students and participants of Let’s Record.

Change requires patience and a little sacrifice but if you have the right support from your team, then you don’t need to worry about anything. All the team members and participants have done some really great things in last 10+ months for Let’s Record Initiative. So, High Respect for All!

#Team_Work —> #Great_Work

After Reading the news of जागल्या,

I received a call from one of the professors who said that they wanted to record a few books for the Visually Challenged Students of their college. They asked for some technical help and our procedure blog helped them.

Let’s bring the Change!


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