Competitive Exam

5) Mains Study Material

🔲On Drive::

1) UPSC IAS Main exam general studies paper 1 Recorded By Manisha S. Arora

2) General Studies Prelims Paper 1 by Vision IAS Recorded by Apurva Chate

3) UPSC Mains 2020, GS II International relations, current issues (set-1) of Unique academy pune Recorded by Manisha

4) Environment 2020 Recorded By Manisha

5) Vision IAS Question Answers -General Studies Recorded by Suchita Paranjape

6) Goverment schemes , Classroom Study Material ( May 2019 to February 2020 ) By Vision IAS Recorded by Varsha Suresh Deshmukh

7) General studies mains mock test 1392 by vision IAS recorded by ishwari chandekar

8) Perspectives on Indian Nationalism by The Unique Academy Recorded by Deepalakshmi

9) युपीएससी जनरल स्टडीज हिस्टरी ( Upsc general Studies History) recorded by padmaja mohir

10) Science and technology by vision IAS recorded by pratiksha sham nikale

11) PT 365 व्हिजन आइस (Vision IAS ) Recorded By Apurva Chate

12) Regionalism in India By Unique Academy Recorded by Ishwari Chandekar

13) Secularism by Unique Academy Recorded by Ishawari Chandekar

14) Indian History & Culture Recorded by padmja M.

15) Vison IAS Notes On Economy Recorded by Rajarshi kulkarni

16) An introduction to Political Theory by O.P.Gauba(5th edition) Recorded by Deepalakshmi

17) मराठी निबंध (Essay)

18) सुगम मराठी व्याकरण व लेखन मो. रा. वालंबे ( आवृत्ती – ५५ ) Sugam Marathi Vyakaran , Lekhan by M. R. Valmbe

19) Vision IAS GS4- Ethics By Vision IAS Class Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

20) Indian Society by S.C.Dube Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

21) Introduction to Indian Constitution By D D Basu Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

22) Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity and Integrity by N.N. Ojha ( Chronicle Books ) Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

23) Psychology By Ciccareli White Recorded by SAATHI Volunteers

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