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Conversation with Dr. Kirti Gehlot and Anupama Rathore.

Hello, readers!

Hope you all are fine and doing great!

Tomorrow, we have a webinar on Let’s Record! Whether you have questions on Let’s Record or want to know the future plans of Let’s Record Initiative, join us in the webinar. We have the story of how and why Vargshikshak & Let’s Record were started lined up for you!

To catch up with these questions, join the meeting scheduled by Dr. Kirti Gehlot and Anupama Rathore (New Delhi) on Zoom/FB Live (YouTube). Here, the Program Coordinator of Let’s record will speak to you and answer your questions.

KLeFT – Kreating Leaders For Tomorrow is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting:

Topic: “Let’s Record” with Vishal Palve

Time: June 6, 2021 12:00 PM, New Delhi, India.

Join us: Zoom Meeting Link

Edit 1:: ( 7 June 2021 )
Yesterday’s session with KLeFT was absolutely amazing. Vishal Palve talked about Vargshikshak, about Let’s Record and the future of this initiative.

The session has been recorded and those who could not join yesterday can watch it anytime on YouTube.

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