Saathi 2020-2021

6. Study Sessions for CA Aspirants

Even when the entire world had come to a standstill, Saathi Enabling Centre was more active than ever to help those with a disability to prepare for their competitive exams. Some visually impaired students needed help to study and prepare for their exams when Saathi volunteers rushed to their aid. Because it was threatening for everyone to step outside amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, the volunteers helped Pranit Gupta for his CA Foundation examination virtually by sitting safely in their houses.

Pranit aspires to be a Chartered Accountant despite his impairment. He hails from the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. He had to prepare for his CA Foundation, which was conducted in January 2021, and Saathi provided him volunteers to join him in this journey.

Pranit’s subjects were Accounting, Economics, Mercantile Law, and Mathematics. He did not have any difficulty with Economics. As it is a theoretical subject, notes could be provided for the same. However, he had difficulty in Mathematics and Mercantile Law. In comparison, Accounting and Economics were his easy subjects. 

For Mercantile Law, Yashika Lalwani from SYBA helped him. She would teach him the major concepts, make him understand the minor ones, and if he had any queries, the same would be solved over call. And for mathematics, Kritika Shrivastava from SYBA came to his aid. Because Mathematics is all about formulae, Pranit and Kritika first covered all the basics, then turned to learn the formulae which were later on implemented in problems. The volunteers engaged with him virtually every day starting from 10 in the morning and finishing the necessary concepts till 7 in the evening. 

After he was acquainted with all the topics of all the subjects, volunteers conducted mock tests for him. The volunteers would narrate the question over call, and he would tell them the answer after which they would tick the answer in their question paper sheet in the stipulated time. Usually, one paper has to be solved in 3 hours and some extra time will be given to the visually impaired students. This way, Pranit would get used to answering the questions within the time limit and he would understand the difficulties that arise during the test so that he can, in the future, work on them. The answers would be checked and evaluated after the mock test. A brief evaluation helped Pranit understand his strengths and focus on his weaknesses. In this way, the volunteers helped him get ready for the CA Foundation Examination. 

The volunteers of Saathi dedicated their hearts and souls to assist Pranit Gupta to prepare for the most important examination of his life. They recorded notes for him in time. Volunteers even recorded all the sessions of teaching and learning so that he could go through them in case he found himself stuck when revising later on. Sickness did not become an obstacle for them; the volunteers were available for him whenever he needed them. Even though the contact they had was of a virtual nature, the volunteers were more like a friend to him, than an instructor or teacher. 

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