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Nirman Camp, SEARCH Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

Hello guys!

Every year, students and young professionals from different places across India apply for NIRMAN, a youth flourishment initiative. Over the years, many of them have had the opportunity to attend it. Are you aware of it?

What is NIRMAN ?

NIRMAN is a series of workshops or camps held at Shodhgram, Gadchiroli under SEARCH – Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health, to make the youth aware of their role as a part of this society, their responsibility towards the society and to encourage their actions towards its betterment. SEARCH was founded in 1986 by Padmashree Dr. Abhay Bang and Dr. Rani Bang. For every camp, there is a selection process and a shortlisted lot of young people from all over India attend the camp.

This year (2020), I attended a NIRMAN Camp (or Workshop, as it is called) and I am here to tell you the procedure of the camp along with a few details and a surprise for few students towards the end!

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1) Padmashree Dr. Abhay & Dr. Rani Bang

2) SEARCH, Gadchiroli


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If you want to know about NIRMAN’s vision, mission, goal and a host of other interesting things, do go through their website. Click here. 

Now, coming to my personal opinion about NIRMAN,

Why go for this camp?

1) Apart from the education you gain in through your college/academics, it will educate you about society.

2) You will get answers to many of your questions right from the day, the moment you begin filling the form for NIRMAN Camp.

3) You will understand what and why we have to work for. You will have different values inculcated in yourself.

3) You will get mentors and friends who come from different educational backgrounds (Medical, IITs, COEP, FC, TISS, LAW, MSW, Masters students, etc.) and different regions of Maharashtra and India, who are inclined towards the working for the society.

4) You will surely explore yourself during this journey! From Filling the form – Assignment – Interview – the Camp!

5) You will get an opportunity to interact with Padmashree Dr. Abhay Bang and Rani Bang and many different, experienced personalities.


1) Filling the NIRMAN Application Form

Visit the website of NIRMAN ( and click on Apply. Download the pdf file. Read it! Copy the questions given there and paste it in Word or Document App. Give a thought to the questions and type out your answers. Submit it as directed. 

For better understanding 👇 :

1) You will Get the pdf of Application form like this :

2) Interview:

If your form is selected, then you will be called to give an Interview (mostly, online on Skype or on any other platforms). Here, you will interact with NIRMAN Team Members for the first time. 

3) Interesting Assignment:

After the interview, you will be given an interesting assignment which will help you learn and obtain new information about many of the things of your interest!

4) Selection:

After submitting your assignment, if you are selected for the camp, you will receive an e-mail from NIRMAN Team to let you know what is to be done next.

5) Camp :

The Workshop is held at SEARCH, Gadchiroli. You will surely learn something great there and also get a Friend Circle which will encourage you through every moment of your life when you are trying to bring about a change.

Nirman on Social media ::

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Now, you might be wondering…

What is Hand In Hand?

Well, this is a small contribution from for those who have financial difficulties in attending the camp of Nirman.

In short, Vargshikshak will provide you money for travel expenses for your journey to NIRMAN Camp but since we are not taking any donation or we are not funded by any organization, we have kept a criteria for this small scholarship!

To apply for this scholarship, write to us at:, once you get the Selection Letter from NIRMAN.

Criteria ::

1) We request you to apply for this scholarship only if you have any financial problem.

2) This scholarship is only for those students who are studying at Fergusson College and are a part of any of the NGOs which work under SOEC.

(Special preference to Saathi Volunteers)

Futuristic Goal:

Hand in Hand is something from the students for the students!

We aim to help students while we are pursuing our dreams. In future, we aim to be able to provide educational books/stationery for those who are not able to have that. We will also guide students about those organizations/Trusts which help students in their education.

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