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Issues regarding college fees.

Hike in Fees Change the minds of many students! Many students want to work for some good cause but when they see that the Fees to get good education is more than their Family income, They Switch their mind and start Working for Money and here we lose some of the best students…..

As we all know, the whole country (India) has been under lockdown and Covid restrictions since March 2020. Everyone of us is facing financial hardships one way or the other. But I am unable to reason why colleges are taking full fees from the students for admissions, which is again becoming burdensome to their families.

I received a mail from Many College students and one of them, told me that his financial condition is not really good. His father is a driver and mother, a housewife. He has paid Rs. 45,010/- fees for M.Sc. for the current academic year (2020-21), but now he is not in a position to pay the fees for upcoming academic year.

To specifically state the questions;

1) None of us has performed the practicals in laboratory as everything has been taught online, so why to pay the laboratory fees (15,870 Rs.) and laboratory deposit (1,000 Rs.)?

2) College did not issue any hard copies of books or other printed material, so why to pay the Library deposit (500 Rs.)?

3) What do the “Other Fees” charges include? In case it is for ID card, sports events, etc. none of the students have received any ID card. Neither have the students participated in any sports or for that matter using college Gymkhana. Why then, are students made to pay the “Other fees (12,550 Rs.)”?

I want to raise this issue and being a student, it is our request to all colleges to return at least that part of the fee which wasn’t utilized in this academic year or at least that amount should be adjusted in fees to be paid for the next academic year(2021-22).

Some of the School/colleges in India have already issued notice regarding this and are readily refunding the fees or adjusting the amount for the fees of next year.

1. One such example is St. Thomas central School ( Read Official Notice ). You can also Visit their School Website to know more about it.

2. Another example that can be stated- MNLU gave 30% Concession

UGC has also issued a letter on the same issue but in my opinion, it seems that many of the colleges have ignored this letter successfully.

Why has Few College’s increased their fees? ( Few of them are taking 600/800 Rs. For Application Form. I believe, Many students have not filled the form of XYZ Colleges just because of high Admission Form Fees! This is for All Colleges of Our Country.

So my question is, “Why Colleges are moving towards privatization?” Many students don’t take admission in Engineering or Medical and come to Few Known Colleges just because they think, they will be able to complete their degree in reasonably minor fees. (Due to Financial Issues, though not all, still, many students choose to go for B.Sc., B.A. courses and this is the reality.)

We Hope, “College authorities will Surely come up with some good solution for our concern.”

Moreover, if any College’s itself are facing Financial Crisis and if this is the reason behind increasing the fee, then I think there are many other ways to get funds (by donations). But increasing the fees of students should not be the only option for any educational institution.
Every college needs to think about its students from economically poorer backgrounds and remote areas who come to their institute.
The primary aim must be to provide affordable education. If the colleges are facing financial problems then they need to find some other ways to procure funds or have to approach the Government or Governor of Maharashtra (Chancellor of Maharashtra University). But they should not put their students in such a position of economic burden.

Last year we raised the Issue of Earn and Learn Scheme. Many students were a part of Earn and Learn before Covid and such schemes help students in numerous ways. But since lockdown, University and many other colleges abruptly stopped the Earn and Learn scheme. But if they want they can start it again by giving some online work to students (at least to the students who are in financial trouble.) I believe, if professionals can work from home then students can, too.

Here is Our Old Blog, where we stated Some other problems of students Community.

Please Share this Blog with your Known, News Reporter! So that we can raise this issue on Higher Level. Thank You!

🔲Latest Update-1: (Day-6)

We published Our Blog on 8 August 2021 and On 14 August 2021, Mr. Uday Samant (Education Minister of Maharashtra) Talked about the same issue and Promised us that he will Take Appropriate Action Against Respective College (Authorities).

🔲Latest Update-2: (Day-10)

Pune University decided to reduce the fees of Students👏🎉

Here is the Official Notice of Pune University (18 August 2021)

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