Saathi 2020-2021, Trivia

Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-3 #Jagatbhari

For Team Jagatbhari, a WhatsApp group was created by the leaders Ishika, Sanika, Parikshit, and Aditi, encouraging participants to interact and enjoy. The group was named Jagatbhari, which conveyed our genuine, downright feelings. Four subteams were formed – Online Chichore, Golmaal Crew, Hera Pheri, and Dostana Express, and one of these teams would represent Team Jagatbhari.

The competition between these four teams was held on 1 May. The program started with a medley of songs welcoming the participants. Arranged on the principle of ‘minimum time, maximum participation‘, the event began with a bang.

The participants were introduced to each other via the famous game “Two Truths and a Lie”. In this game, a person was to introduce themselves by three statements, of which two were true about them and one was a lie. Points were scored if the opposite team guessed the incorrect statement. This activity revealed the unique traits of each person.

The next game was called as Taal Se Taal. Targeting their memory and affinity to music, the participants had to guess the song by listening only to its music, that is the audio lacked lyrics.

Hera Pheri was the next game which made all the players remember their lockdown pastime favorite—movies—but with a twist. The organizers explained the plot of a particular movie in a complicated, messed-up way. The teams were then asked to correctly guess the movie.

The famous radio tagline Dhun Badalke Toh Dekho was the name of the next game. Here lyrics of Hindi songs were translated to Marathi. Players had to then identify the Hindi song from the Marathi lyrics. This game brought out a lot of laughs.

After the games, the organizers asked the participants about their experience for the evening and Saathi as a whole. Players learned the workings of Saathi from each other and the experiences shared by the organizers.

The event was finished with the organizers sharing a video of the 2019-20 batch of Saathi. According to the scores, Team Golmaal Crew was to represent Team Jagatbhari in the Finale of Saathi Trivia Weekend. Filled with unforgettable memories and nostalgia, it left the current batch wanting to experience offline life. The video showcased how Saathi worked offline, the interaction amongst peers, and the different activities conducted on the campus.

With a feeling of excitement and contentment, the day ended with everyone expressing their gratitude to the leaders who made the weekend exceptional. An unbreakable bond was created between volunteers and blind students, breaking the boundaries of the online world.

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