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Let’s Record : Small Interaction with Volunteers

Ask not what Your Country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your Country ( For the Society ) – khalil gibran (/J. F. Kennedy)

So Today on the eve of our 75th Independence Day – Platinum jubilee..we did a small interactive Session with our Let’s Record volunteers and it was truly a satisfying experience.

Manisha Arora (Currently a US Citizen) gave a very useful Presentation on “Tips For Recording Books Effectively for The Visually Impaired”

Deepalakshmi Iyer (From Madurai, Tamilnadu) shared her experiences and guided our Volunteers with a couple of more inputs about good recordings.

Aman Kumar ( From Bihar ) Reminded us a song by Gulzar which says, “नाम गुम जाएगा, चेहरा ये बदल जाएगा, मेरी ‘आवाज़’ ही पहचान है, गर याद रहे” (Your Voice will remain forever)

Raam Singh (From Delhi) Told us about his need for the recordings (Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s speeches and writings) for his PhD Studies and thanked the volunteers for their efforts.

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Feedback from Kamala Ma’am:

सबके साथ मिलकर बहुत ही अच्छा लगा। विशाल ने ये काम कब कैसे क्यों शुरू किया ये जानकारी बेहद लाभदायक है, मुझे गर्व है कि मैं इस उच्च नैतिक कार्य में थोड़ा सी सहभागिता कर सकी हूं। ऑल द बेस्ट फॉर यॉर फ्यूचर प्लान्स।

Our Editor team also joined and we all thanked them for their appreciable work. Soon we will Complete our Latest Audiobook Project of Ambedkar 40 Volumes and We are really happy to share that we are the first in entire history who has taken this project and all students who were in need of these Audiobook will be really happy….

And lastly, Yes! Even though Our aim to have an Single application to Channelize all NGO’s has not yet materialised …but no worries…Few things take time and we are sure Hum Hongey Kamyaab Ek Din! #Soon


First Interaction with Volunteers

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First Meet on First Anniversary of Let’s Record (25 March 2021)

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