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Books, Life, and Experiences by Kamala Mulani.

It was a pleasant feeling for me to be associated with the VARGSHIKSHAK’s Let’s Record. Once my neighbor (Vijaya Mohandas) asked me if I would be interested in recording notes for the visually impaired. At that time I thought that I would do it once. My very first recording was of a Hindi story that everyone liked and that’s how I joined Vargshikshak Let’s Record. I was given recording assignments one after the other in Hindi which I completed on time.

I was asked this once or twice, how do you do it at this age? My answer is that age has nothing to do with work. If we make a resolution to do something, then the energy comes automatically. When we keep learning something new, whatever the age of the body, the mind is always cheerful, which does not allow us to grow old. My only desire is to do something good for the society till the last breath of my life.

My early education was from Lucknow and my degree from “Hindi Mahavidyalaya” in Hyderabad. Poetry and story-writing were just a hobby during my college days. My dad inspired me the most ever since childhood. It is my good fortune that I always got books as a gift from my father when I was still young. Later on, my college continued his legacy. In every competition in college, books were given as a prize for securing ranks. I would like to give credit to those who have always emphasized reading as a habit. My history teacher and Vice-Principal of the college Mr. Keshav Rao Ji used to get books issued in their name from the college library for me to read. Today my children and grandchildren also gift me books; they all know what my hobby is. It seems to me that my journey with books is going to be eternal.

Once in 1971, I got an opportunity to meet poet Shri Hari Vansh Rai Bachchan Ji who gave me a Guru Mantra: “Keep experiencing and keep reading because they bring innovation to our writing.” I wanted to grow with this mantra, but after marriage, everything fell apart. The habit of reading continued but secretly and in a slightly different way. For about 30-32 years, after coming to Bombay, I always read the newspaper Nav Bharat Times. I lost touch with literature amidst all the household responsibilities. However, 2 years ago, I took up writing again. There was always this desire in my mind to remain connected with the literary world so when I could finally start writing, my happiness was beyond my ability to express it. Even now I am unable to express it clearly. It is just that life is happy by the grace of God.

Whenever I go out of the house for some work, other people see jewelry, saree, suit, etc. My eyes were always stuck on books in the showcase. It is said that jewelry is a woman’s first choice, but for me, my books are my favorite ornaments. Even today I have a good collection of books. There was less time to read, but it is said that where there is a will, there is a way. Age is not a barrier to pursue hobbies and passion. Wherever I go, I pack my bag with a book or a magazine or else the newspaper of that day. Sitting at the station, waiting for the bus, during a railway journey, in the airport lounge, or sitting in the hospital for hours, books have always been my companion.

These books have become a very dear friend in every sorrow and happiness. Books have really taken care of me in my ups and downs. You can’t find any better friend than them. They work to absorb your nostalgia, and then they double the joy. I can’t sleep without reading. Even after falling ill two or three times, the reading habit has remained with me.

I had surgery on both knees in 2015. For 3-4 months, I had bed-rest but these books never let me suffer from depression. Sitting on the bed in those days, I translated, Sindhi poet-writer Parasram Jiya ji’s Book Sukhmani Sahib written in Arabic Sindhi to Devanagari script.

This lesson was learned from childhood, an empty mind is Satan’s house. There is no better companion than books. You can also call it my passion. NCC taught discipline, so did the radio. It taught us how to express our views. Along with embroidery, I learned home science which sometimes helped in taking care of patients with kindness. History introduced our culture to our ancestors, then political science gave us the power to decide between right and wrong. Hindi is my life, and I have also written a small song in Hindi. In the last 2 years since I am back into writing and reading I feel I have achieved a lot and and the literary world has come to me. Experiences, feelings / emotions and a lot of reading and analysing brings innovation to writing ! I have participated in Inked Marathon on Facebook, where I post an article every day, you can visit my Facebook page by clicking here.

With many good wishes to all you well-wishers.

Kamala Mulani


मानवता न हो कभी शर्मसार
ऐसा हों हमारा कर्म धर्म-कर्म
इन्सान का इन्सान से हो भाईचारा
यही हो सदा पैगाम हमारा
आंसू पोंछने रोती पलकों से बढ़ाएं हाथ
खुशी देना किसी उदास चेहरे को देकर साथ
भूखे को अन्न, प्यासे को पानी
बस यही हो कामना हमारी
पथ में आएं बाधाएं चाहे भारी
सबका रखना ख्याल है हमारी बारी
बुराई का विरोध, अच्छाई का देना साथ
रहे मानवता जीवित, मुस्काए मानव
सींचना सस्नेह मानवता का पौधा
बने बढ़ कर वटवृक्ष जो रोपा
हमें बनाकर देवदूत भेजा प्रभु ने
धरा रहे वसुंधरा, मुस्काए विशाल गगन
इंसान हो जाए सेवा में जो मग्न
रहेगी मानवता जीवित,से मानव।।

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Vargshikshak is proud to have Kamala Mulani as a volunteer. She is a big inspiration to all the other volunteers. She is a senior citizen with full of energy and enthusiasm who completes all her recording assignments on time and she has recorded a couple of Ambedkar books Individually (Volume 21, 24 and 29) In addition to reading parts of vol 16 and 18. She is ready for the next volume. Let’s Record salutes her for her dedication and sincerity in her work.”

Blog by Deepalakshmi Iyer

Edited By @writersamrudhi15

3 thoughts on “Books, Life, and Experiences by Kamala Mulani.”

  1. Kamalaji you are a great inspiration to all the youngsters and elders . Hats off to your dedication and sincerity, punctuality.. so many admirable qualities you have … You have played an important role in recording Ambedkar books .

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  2. कमला मुलानी जी की पढ़ने की आदत मुझे हमेशा प्रेरित करती है। उनकी हिंदी भाषा की पकड़ बहुत कमाल की है। मुझे उनका पारिवारिक सदस्य होने पर बहुत गर्व है।

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