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A Bitter Truth:
Many students cannot afford to buy books to study and on other side, A lot of people say books should be donated but they don’t do it. If you are wondering why you should donate books, then read the full article!

Friends, have you read any of the articles like the news below?

1) Study: 65% of College Students Can’t Afford Textbooks During Pandemic.

2) 7 in 10 Students Have Skipped Buying a Textbook Because of Its Cost, Survey Finds.

3) Students sacrifice meals and trips home to pay for textbooks – Inside Higher Education.

4) When Kids Can’t Afford Books During the Pandemic | Scales on Censorship.

5) Online Education | When Children Who Can’t Afford Books Are Asked To Learn On Computers.

6) NGOs Help Collecting Books For Students Who Can’t Afford New Books.

These news articles and study reports make us aware of a student’s sad plight.
The Above information will make you understand the Scenario of many Poor Students.

Now from this blog, we want to urge people to take a step for Book Donation, Just like we do blood donation.

Why to donate Books / Old Books?

Here are Few Reasons:

  • It will make space for new books.

We know most book lovers have overflowing shelves and a room with books scattered everywhere. At some point these books are not being used, attacked by book mites, which is a sad thing if you’re a book lover. Rather than making your books face some painful end, give them away and make way for those new books you’re planning to read.

  • It de-clutters your space.

Some readers are casual readers, when they are done reading they don’t feel the need to hook on to the books. We suggest, donate your books to book donation drives being hosted by various organizations all over your town!

  • You get to spread the spirit of reading.

For most readers, reading has changed lives. It has opened up our world to all sort of places, people, and ideas. And maybe, even some of us, weren’t readers at the beginning and only converted as avid fans of the written word when we found that one perfect book that swept our feet away. For most people that opportunity may never come. As is the case in less fortunate communities where books are scarce and libraries barely exist . By donating books you give other people the opportunity to discover for themselves that ONE book that could change their life. (How reading changed my life) Passing on your books to someone else is the simplest way to spread the joy of reading.

  • It will make you happy.

Studies have shown that giving wholeheartedly translates to personal happiness. In donating books you make other people happy as you make yourself happy. Now some of you may say that it is very easy to give advice! Or you could say, Start with yourself rather than advising others.

So we want to tell you that we at Vargshikshak started Book Donate drive. This year on Guru Pournima we at Vargshikshak donated some books in Tamil Nadu, India. (Click here and read the Story of our First Book Donation Drive.)

In this Era, we can send anything to any part of the Country!

We believe that a little is better than nothing! We believe that it is always necessary to start somewhere and we are happy that we have started it. You can also take a step and if there is any school or library or orphanage near you, you can donate some books there. Who knows? May be the book you have given will probably bring happiness to someone or inspire them to live / become an intelligent / Wise citizen of the country. And You do not have to be rich to give something away. You can probably give atleast one book to a child. Or even if it is not possible, you can join any NGO or Organization as a Volunteer so that you have the opportunity to help others through that NGO or Initiative. And as a combined result we can create an ideal society. A society that thinks not only of itself but of others is the best society.

In India, Many unknown heroes are working selflessly to help students. An example of such a hidden hero is;

Now stop and ask yourself, where do you waste your money?

Friends, in a country where people do not get two meals a day, we see news that some people have taken drugs worth lakhs of rupees. There are many families who do not get even one meal a day! Many students cannot afford food! How will those children or parents buy books?

1) UP Woman, 5 Children Went Hungry For 2 Months; No Ration, Aadhaar Cards.

2) Jharkhand hunger death: A girl died crying for food. Her family is now accused of shaming India.

3) World Food Day: Why 19 crore Indians go to bed hungry every night.

Now the question is who will start it?
So friends, any work has to start from yourself. And you can start from today and now!

Best Wishes for all!

  • Written By : Vishal P. S. Palve
  • Proofread By : Deepalakshmi Iyer

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