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Gift A Book! Spreading The Joy of Reading!

Hello Dear Readers, We are back with another interesting Blog! Here you will read the experience of Deepalakshmi Iyer and about the Collaboration of Vargshikshak and R.E.A.D Club for the Gift A Book Activity!

Deepalakshmi is an Amazing Story Teller and a Writer from Madurai, Tamilnadu. Few Days ago, The team of Vargshikshak decided to arrange a book Gift activity for Children and here is the story of how it all started and was successfully executed. Hope this inspires you too!

Vishal Palve (Founding Member of Vargshikshak) Who also promotes book donations (Had written a blog (Gift a Book! Gift a Future) on the same) sent me a message a week before GuruPurnima (In July 2021) that he would like to Gift few books (Mala’s New House written by me) to few under privileged children.

He wanted me to distribute the books and so he ordered the books which I received on Gurupurnima day (24th July). He requested me to sign on the books with a sentence, “SHARING KNOWLEDGE IS THE BIGGEST HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD.” I did as told but due to the pandemic, schools were closed and I wondered whom to give these books to. Being new to Madurai (Tamilnadu) I didn’t know about Orphanages, Govt. schools and Community Libraries in my area.

The books were lying in my cupboard and I had no clue what to do. Each time I would look at the books I would wonder how and where I would distribute them. I didn’t want to just give them away but wanted to highlight the importance of reading books to kids and the noble thought behind Gifting it.

Four months later, On 10th November 2021, My friend Sangeetha (Founder of THE R.E.A.D CLUB) reminded me of the NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK (From Nov 14-20) and we were planning some reading activities for the kids of THE R.E.A.D Club. On 11th Nov I had to visit the post office for some work and I spotted a Govt school (Visalakshi Mills Government Aided School, Tamil nadu) near the post office which I had not noticed during my earlier visits.
On 16th Nov, I had to send across a parcel to my friend via speed post and just when I was about to take the parcel to the P.O an idea struck me. I thought of distributing the books Sent by Vishal to the Govt School kids as it was NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK and the best time to kindle an interest in kids for reading books. But I had to make sure kids had started attending school. I quickly took the books and went to the P.O only to realize that I had forgotten to take the parcel that had to be sent.

Well, cursing my absent minded nature, I decided to go ahead and meet the H.M of the Govt School. She (Mrs. Thangesgwari) welcomed me happily and after a brief chat it was decided to gather the kids of Std. 6 and 7 for a session by me on the Importance of reading books.

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I had an interactive session with kids about books, stories, importance of reading and ill effects of excessive use of mobile. Narrating interesting short stories and emphasizing on the need to read, I tried my level best to motivate the kids to read books and the kids who had answered my questions and participated actively in the discussions were given the books Sent by Vishal as a token of appreciation.
The kids were pleasantly surprised and overjoyed when they received the books. I want to thank Vishal for this gracious deed of Gifting books.

Truly sharing is the biggest happiness in the world. I am happy that the books have been handed over to kids who truly deserved it and also to have been able to trigger an interest in them to read more. Actually their school library has 1500 books but the H.M says kids lack the motivation to read. Hence I feel, we must make an effort to ignite a spark in kids to read books through such activities and Gifting good/Interesting books (Could even be used books in good condition) that will motivate them to read more and it will surely make a difference!
I hope this experience of mine inspires more people to come up with such ideas.

– C. Deepalakshmi Iyer (Madurai, Tamilnadu)

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