Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, let's Record, testimonials

Experience / Learnings From Dr. Ambedkar Audiobook Project!

The Editing Team:

I am Aniket Panjabrao Bilari ( SYBA Student at Fergusson, College.) I joined the Editors’ group to allow myself to be more techno-friendly, to develop teamwork and to learn from different good audios. Through the process, I learned audio editing and got to listen to different experts who recorded the book. I acknowledged the way a book should be recorded and what things need to be kept in mind while recording. I got to know several common mistakes which are done while recording. I got a chance to interact with senior members of Let’s record who knowingly and unknowingly taught many good things. It was a great learning experience. And I edited the Volume 11 of Ambedkar Book.

Hello I am Arti Dhotikar, SYBA Student at Fergusson, College Pune. I joined Editing Team Because it gives an opportunity to help the Visually Impaired students. By doing this job, I was able to get over my inertia and do things diligently on time and be organized and also Got to appreciate others work which was a great inspiration! It also helped me to build my confidence that we can do anything and how to do a technical task efficiently despite some difficulties.

Hello, Myself Tanishq Alhat, a student of SYBA (English Special). I joined SAATHI Last year (2020) in September. I really like to help others and also bring Smiles on others’ faces as far as I can, which really inspired me to join Saathi! Also, SAATHI’s work for the Social Cause is really Appreciated and the students here are very helpful. I joined Editing Team to keep myself engaged in something Interesting in my Vacations. I felt it would be a very Interesting Task and really engaging. I indeed had a really Amazing experience! while observing the Recordings for Ambedkar Series and I also took many things from these Audios. I have made my Observations on Volumes 15 and 24. The Volunteers did their job very well and their efforts are really Appreciable.

I am Ishwari Shinde, S.Y.Bsc Student of Fergusson College, Pune. I Edited the Volume 12 of Ambedkar Books. I joined this to get an experience of observing and to give a little help from my side. From this Job, my observing skills developed and learnt info from the book. it was a good learning experience 🙂

I am Deepalakshmi Iyer (M.Com, B.ed, Diploma in HRM) and I edited the Volume-18. I did this Job because I had taken lead for this project it was my duty to check the recordings! And By doing this job I learnt about How to maintain audio files in a systematic and organised way, how to read effectively and also what all mistakes to avoid while recording.

Hello! I am Avanti karmarkar, A Student of TYBA Psychology major at Fergusson College, Pune. I did this job because I always wanted to learn to manage time. I absorb information about caste and religion while skimming over the recordings, and contribute to the great benefit of those who will use the recordings. I also wanted to work on group activity, which fosters good communication and friendship formation. By doing this job, I learnt the importance of being timely and focused on an activity for an extensive period. I struggle with sustaining attention and maintaining a certain level of effort for a recurrent activity. I have improved my time management skills and have also gained the experience of delegation of responsibilities by working on a group activity. I enjoyed contributing to the Let’s Record Editor and Observation team and will continue to do so in the future.

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