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Experience / Learnings From Dr. Ambedkar Audiobook Project!


Hi, I am Devi Krishna (Psychotherapist & Counsellor), Founder, Hidden Voices (Founded in 2019) is a reading group whose primary focus is recording audio books for visually challenged as well as other dependent friends.
We are a charitable trust and our only motto is to be the change to help the world to have a better view of being human.
Hidden Voices started with a very small audience but all this changed when we met Superb Ms. Sangeetha, who was in another reading club (R.E.A.D Club, India) She introduced us to another amazing human being, Ms. Deepalakshmi who introduced us to another beautiful person, Mr. Vishal, who was in Fergusson College, Pune. As we are into reading multi-languages, we were approached for reading the amazing books of ‘Ambedkar’ in Hindi. Our team who reads exclusive Hindi, led by the amazing admins – Ms. Anupama Prabhu, Ms. Tamizharasi, Ms. Jagriti Lamba, and Ms. Jyoti, took up the challenge, and clubbed the team together and read the whole volumes from 1-10! It was one hectic exercise but every bit of the stretch was enjoyed by our readers and our quality team checked each chapter of the book to make sure it was done properly.
It was an amazing experience; The whole of Hidden Voices is thankful to Mr. Vishal and Ms. Deepa, who gave us this opportunity to learn and explore more.
We are so grateful to each one of our Hindi team and the quality checkers that made this happen. We are looking forward to continuing our reading journey, with Let’s Record. Thank you Once again, And let us join together to change the world.

Warm Regards,

Devi Krishna SS & Mytri Rajdev
(Founder & Co-Founder)
Cochin, Kerala, India

( Hidden Voices Letter )

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