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Experience / Learnings From Dr. Ambedkar Audiobook Project!


I am Ms. Jayashree Balan Iyer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am a physically challenged 52-year-old single woman who have been working independently for the past 26 years. I always wanted to reach out to help people and came across this help (during COVID lockdown time, when the attendance requirement at my workplace was 50%). Through one of the WhatsApp groups, there was a requirement for a scribe for a visually challenged student. When I approached the person, I learned that it was for a graduate program. Then after having a good talk with the coordinator about how all I can help, as I am adept in Hindi and English, They assigned me the first task and it was to write down some reports for a visually challenged student. And thus my journey began. And then I was introduced to a larger circle of volunteers and that’s how I met Mrs. Deepa online. I was then given my second task of an audio recording of a Hindi book on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for this I approached the local Blind school organization for Braille printing of some reports in tabular forms which was mentioned in the book and made sure it reached the student. I could not understand certain things from these books since I have a background in Commerce, but it was interesting to read the facts about British Era market conditions as Stated by Dr. Ambedkar. But now due to the paucity of time, I am unable to come for full-fledgedhas help.

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