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Experience / Learnings From Dr. Ambedkar Audiobook Project!


I am Sneha Choundikar, professionally a Graphic Artist/Animator, now working as a freelancer. I also conduct school tuitions and a few Art related classes and workshops for all Art Lovers. I feel Art is a therapy that relaxes our soul and so trying to spread some creativity and peace via my workshops. I joined “Let’s Record” nearly a year back during the lockdown. The concept of recording audiobooks for blind students triggered me, so I started giving my team contribution. Previously I and my daughter used to record some good stories for our small students and my niece living in America, but now we got a concrete platform with Vargshikshak Initiative which stimulates a sense of satisfaction that I am doing a great social duty. I got a chance to read books of Dr. Ambedkar and was really inspired by knowing the struggling phases of Ambedkar Ji, his keen Study for National amendments, feel sometimes as an assignment I picked it up for reading, but by choice might be it would have not come so much early. In all, the sophisticated language that Ambedkarji used to put up his views and his observations and acceptance of comments, taught me a lot.

Dear Readers, Mrs. Sneha has also Shared a Facebook Post about her experience. Click here to view it!

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