FAQ Section, let's Record

Guidelines and FAQs For Let’s Record : 2022

1] Filling Registration Form:

When any volunteer wants to record a book under the initiative, they need to fill out the registration form. This helps us keep a track of the books that are being recorded by our volunteers. You have to fill out the registration form each time you record a new book.

Take this example: If Hemant is recording The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank alone then Hemant will fill out the form and he will put his name in the registration form as shown below.

But, if he and his friends (In a Group) are recording a book, then they will put their group’s name (ie., Team Let’s Record) and fill the form only once. If a group is recording books/notes under Let’s Record then, too, the person will write “Team Let’s Record” under “name”. In such a case, the coordinator has to fill out the form and write “Team Let’s Record” instead of individual volunteers’ names. (The Group coordinator has to give his/her number when recording in a group.)

Because if every volunteer from the group fills the form, it will result in a glitch in the Let’s Record data sheet (where we maintain the data of all recorded books) as the same book will be registered to all group members.

So Always REMEMBER, If you are recording any book in a group, i.e., if two or more people are recording a single book then, you have to fill the form only ONCE!

2) Which Book Should I record !?

Our aim is to provide those books/study material to Visually Challenged students which are not easily available on other platforms. If You wish to record something for a good cause, you can join our WhatsApp Group. We will share our requirements for recordings on group. If you are available at that time, you can take a step and record the study material for students!


You can opt to record any book of your choice which you wish to share with blind students. Please do not choose books that have already been chosen by someone else for recording. For that, check the Excel Sheet/Book List of Let’s Record. (Or You can contact any of our Admins)

(NOTE: Please don’t record those books, which are easily available on YouTube or on any other free platform.)

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