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Guidelines and FAQs For Let’s Record : 2022

3] Introduction and Conclusion in Recordings:

3(a) Introduction:

At the beginning of each recording, we require our recorders to introduce themselves with the following draft:

1.Introduction to the audio: “Hello! This book is being recorded for Vargshikshak’s initiative Let’s record. For more information please google vargshikshak.org (previously vargshikshak.com).”

2.Introduction of the reader: My name is ____________ and in this audio, I will be recording the _____Chapter Name)_____ of the book _______(Book Name)_______.”

Because you’ll be dividing the book into sections and recording it into different audio files, you will need to mention the following before you start a new section of the book:

“In the previous audio, we read _________ [here you should mention the last chapter you read, where you finished your previous audio (if applicable)]_________. And now, in this part, I am going to start with _______(here you should mention the name of the new chapter/part)_______.”

For example: Suppose XYZ is recording a political science book, he will say, “In the last audio, we stopped at Secularism in India. In this part, we are going to continue with the next point Unity in India.”

3(b) Main Body:

There is nothing that we can tell you here. You simply need to record the text that you are given.

3(c) Conclusion:

This is just like in the introduction where you’re stating which topic you are starting at the beginning, except that the conclusion needs to be said at the end of the audio. Before you hit the stop button on your recording app, conclude every recording by telling which topic has ended and which you will be starting in the next recording. Taking the above example, if you have finished recording Unity of India, you can say something like this: “We have finished Unity of India in this recording and we will be starting Democracy in the next one.”

When you have finished recording the book or the notes, you can say “the book has finished” or something similar to this to clearly give the idea to the listener that the book has come to an end.


  • Why is the introduction to the audio important for recording of every book?

Answer: It will help visually challenged students to find the source of audiobooks so that in the future, they can get more audiobooks from our website. Plus, it helps the reader to avoid copyright issues as he is stating the name of the book and its author.

  • Do we need to say “Hello! This book is being recorded for Vargshikshak’s initiative Let’s…..?” again in every audio file of the same book?

Answer: If it is the subsequent audio files of the same book, then you don’t need to say it. You only need to say it at the beginning of the FIRST audio file of every new book. In the next files, you need to mention which point you finished in the book and which point you’ll be starting with.

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