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Guidelines and FAQs For Let’s Record : 2022

4] Folder and File Name:

4(a) Folder name:

If you are recording any book then first make one folder for that book on your cloud storage/Google Drive. Your folder name must be like this:

(Name of the book) by (Name of the author) recorded by (Name of the person who is recording).

For example:

Wings of Fire by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam recorded by Gulzar Sahab.


Agnipankh (अग्निपंख) by A.P.J Abdul Kalam recorded by Kajal Mujawar.

Now that you’ve named the FOLDER, the next part is naming the files correctly in sequence.

4(b) File name:

Now when you record the chapters of that book, you need to divide the file into parts (because of its length) then name it correctly in proper sequence so that it will be easy for the listener to continue with the content.

For Example, You should name the files like this:

  • 0.Index_Page(0 to 2).mp3
  • 1.Chapter_1_Page(3 to 16).mp3
  • 2.Chapter_1_Page(17 to 22).mp3
  • 3.Chapter_2_Page(23 to 33).mp3



  • 10.Chapter_7_Page(80 to 90).mp3



  • 15.Chapter_9_Page(110 to 120).mp3

Note: According to the book, topic name or chapter name can be anything! The point is you should give a proper name to the file and you need to arrange every recording in a proper sequence so that it will be easy to access on Google Drive and also it would be understandable to all. We hope you get the hint now!

  • FAQ: Why do I have to mention the page numbers?

Answer: It helps the listener (VI student) or editor (at times) to track the actual page in the book. In addition, this will help the blind students to search recordings easily.

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