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Guidelines and FAQs For Let’s Record : 2022

5] How to upload the recordings:

Recordings are of two types:

5(a) The first type is where you can record any book of your choice.

For this kind of recording, you need to use your Google Drive/cloud storage to upload the recordings. After you have uploaded the recorded book, we request you to kindly NOT delete any of the recordings from your drive folder which you have uploaded for Let’s Record. Otherwise, we’ll lose all your efforts.

After you have successfully uploaded your book on Drive, you should send the details personally to Vargshikshak on WhatsApp. If this link doesn’t work, you can share the following details directly to any admin of our WhatsApp group in the following format:

Recorded by:
Type of book:
Drive link (Folder):

After sharing the details with us, we will add the drive links of audiobooks to our webpage. You can check it out here.

5(b) The second kind of recording is where you record the books which we assign to you.

For this, we will provide the Google Drive link, where you have to upload the recordings.

Procedure to upload recording on Google Drive:

  • i) How can you upload the recordings?

We have provided a link for you to understand how you can upload the recordings on your Drive using your phone. Please go through it to understand the procedure better. BUT Please don’t follow the file renaming process explained in the above Linked Pdf Because that Pdf is our older Version but It will give you a good glimpse on Uploading. [You can rename your file as instructed in 4(b).]

  • ii) When should I upload the recording?

For this, you can either upload recordings when you complete them if the book/notes aren’t longer in length. Or, if the book is long, then we request you to upload the recorded audio files as soon as you’re done recording.

As soon as one part of your recording is complete, you can immediately upload it on the Google Drive link that we provide you. Don’t forget to notify your group members that you’ve uploaded the recording. This will help the coordinators and other group members to track the progress of the entire recording.

Always try to complete the assigned recordings before the deadline. If you face any unavoidable circumstances/issues, please kindly inform the coordinators, so that they can make arrangements to replace your sections of recordings.

NOTE: Sometimes a person’s attempt of uploading fails or there are some bugs because of which recordings are not accessible. In such cases, we will notify you.

  • iii) Can I upload the recordings on cloud storage other than Google Drive?

If you have another source to upload like Dropbox Business, OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, and Box, you can upload your recordings there instead of uploading them on Google Drive. However, we suggest you use Google Drive since it’s the most common cloud platform used by most users.

We request you;

Kindly do not delete any of the recordings from “Drive” which you have uploaded for Let’s Record. Otherwise, we’ll lose all your efforts.

We know that there can be space constraints. But, Google provides free 15 GB space with every new Gmail ID. If, by chance, the storage on one Gmail ID gets full, you can create a new Gmail ID anytime as many times as you want. By creating a new Gmail ID, you will get 15 GB Cloud storage on Google Drive. You can upload all your new files there without having to delete anything from the previous ID.

(Click here to know how to create a new G-Mail ID)


  1. Sometimes a person queues recordings to upload them on Google Drive, but at times, due to a bad network, the file(s) are not uploaded. So, we request you to check whether your file(s) has been uploaded after a few hours or not. Also, check whether every file is in its appropriate sequence or not. If you find that any of the files haven’t yet gone up in the folder, try to upload it again.
  2. Do NOT delete the recordings from your phone unless you are absolutely sure that your file is successfully uploaded. If you are sure that your files are uploaded AND in sequence, then you may delete those files from your phone (NOT from the drive).

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